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One of the beauties to come into the field trip family was the fact we said we wanted to create community and we were told yes. Studios cities grips local talent and volunteers all immediately said yes across the whole country (and beyond) and we can’t thank @sonyalpha and @kinoflolightingsystems enough. Because of them we all got to hangout, expand portfolios, learn and make more friends. It’s the fact that we asked these large companies to go into communities and hangout with blue collar creatives and they did more then say yes, they kinda said finally. It was really cool to see relief on both sides in every single city. The pedestal didn’t exist in our every day lives between company and creative and that was really special. So thanks to everyone thus far and forward.
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Growing up something I felt a lot was repression. While I managed to find in that time, an abundance of love, there was also a lot of cruelty in those early years. I had a step father then who was crushing to my self esteem and to my joy. What it did was thrust me into my shadow. "the shadow" is the unknown "dark side" of the personality, of the ego, this is the unconscious part of us, which we may not be aware of that keeps us from realizing our potential, holds us in the dark. For much of my adult life I was trapped in that shadow, flailing laughably in my fear and insecurity while everyone around me saw me as a successful, self determined man. Because I so deeply desired to be seen and accepted, I became a people pleaser. And maybe its true that I have been successful. If I have been, the only significance I feel lies in the sheer fact that I have built something important. Something important to all of you, Fieldtrip, that misfit paradise of ours. And I’m proud of it. But if I lied, if I did not confess how truly afraid I was, to do something besides Fieldtrip, to follow other dreams, wouldn’t I be slandering the very heart and truth of Fieldtrip? If as a community, our quest is self realized authenticity, how could I, Whitney, lead you out of your shadow while living in mine? ——pt 2 cont. in comments 📷: @jacobboll #orcasisland062821 #ojaicalifornia101620
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I’VE GOT 2020 VISION just kidding my vision is like 20/200, but it is the New Year hooray 2020! or 28 days after it… I’m also really good at time, too. Great news is we’re following most of the hip instagrammers and not claiming ‘new year, new us’ and actually just dancing to goofy songs stuck in our heads while working on the projects that were only dreams last year. what have you been up to? new year new you? or new year same things? what’s up team. WHAT ARE YOU UP TO. speaking of feelings… There’s a feeling that if you have to talk about something it’s because it isn’t settled, flip side is it’s passion. YFT has invested in relationships of all kinds in the last one year and they are finally starting to bloom. We just wrapped a tour of the U.S. making community events and are heading into the preparation of two events happening in this one, with one (oh yes) following in the next year. First thing’s first- a few of us will be in Vegas February 25 and are having an after party we want you to hang at. DM us if you’ll be there (and also tell us what’s up……. seriously what’s up) like actually do that comment thing where you write something and tell us what you’re doing and everyone answers. forward this to one of your field trip friends (or random friends) if they’re doing something and you’re not. like if you’re writing instagram posts in bed watching shameless and you know your friends making a focumentary with fellow field trippers in the desert………….. GO! 📷 arthurbelebeau
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Hello my dear dear friends, I’m sure by know you have heard that, no,we are not making a Fieldtrip 2020. I know a lot of you were disappointed. And this may sound weird. But I’m really glad that you were. I’m proud that you were. Everyone who has come through FieldTrip’s doors knows that its a magic place. A place where we do some intense, muddy work. Emotionally, spiritually, professionally, creatively and all that... But behind the scenes of that work.. Is a whole lot of other work. Work that challenges our entire team at Fieldtrip, and especially me, the heart of the operation. At the time when all the talk surrounding Fieldtrip 2020 was swirling and an announcement had to be made, I didn’t have the words to really get at the heart of my explanation. But I owe that to all of you and wan’t you all to hear from my heart why this decision was the best one we could have made for the survival and the future of fieldtrip. The thing is that I want Fieldtrip to be that magical place for you all. No, I need it to be. Because when Fieldtrip was born, the dream of bringing together this community was never about ~networking~. It wasn’t about us all sitting around and talking about cameras. It was born out of my own personal spiritual practice. Because I have found that any of us who have spent time in spiritual exploration have found ourselves ensnared in a kind of guru/transcendent culture that relies on your quiet participation. Where you connect for the sake of connecting. And in some ways we owe all of our spiritualism to this, as it often is the first place we go to connect to ourselves. To unpack and overcome or suffering. But what we come into contact with is a lot of people who proclaim themselves teachers and gurus but who are really spiritually dead inside. In the words of my friend Jeff Brown, they are spiritual bypassers. These “gurus” are careless and irresponsible, by declaring that they themselves have passed the point of student in order to become teachers and ceasing to attend to their own needs. These are the people who might put you to sleep in a meditation class. Because they're not really connecting.
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As most of you know, Yeah Field Trip as it exists today was born out of the wedding photography community. They’ve always been geeks about cameras... actually, in general. They start as this but become doulas, mountain drag queens, actors, coffee roasters, tiny potters, full-time dads, breath work masters, long distance bike riders, @smilebooth owners, set designers, company owners, divorced people, married people, people having babies, dog owners, and some of us are just really a lot better photographers and humans. Wedding photographers are the core of many communities you’d never know of. These geeks have partnered with the industry’s top companies in imaging. Speaking for us and the multifaceted community around us, there’s some big things coming up. Hopefully this algorithm keeps us in touch... 📸s by the very talented (and teacher of 2021) @jtrav
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This crazy thing happened to me not too long ago.. I invited someone to a pool party, (a complete stranger) Only to discover they were the most talented artist/person ever and that I needed to keep them around... Crazy how that happens, huh? Well anyways, here is a drawing of our Glassell Park Pool Party oh some weeks ago by someone I’m very pleased to call a friend Julie Newton @joojgoto
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Feelings are growth are progress— your heart growing, your capacity expanding. Growing pains are indicators that you’re learning a lesson(s). Thanks for taking this beautiful photo Brian @503film - shot at #sonykandotrip
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Hi Friends, I know we're about get undressed together in a few hours, just a few important reminders about what we're getting into (other than the pool) 1. You don't have to get in the pool. Just be with us however you are. We like you as you dressed or undressed. 2. Plastic ain't fantastic. Especially for your favorite "drinks", sealed, non-glass containers are totally highly intensely seriously recommended. 3. No floaties. You can't even climb on each other... neither of which in the pool at least. 4. ... there's a lot of us coming to this. Your fast pass code when you show up is 'FlashDance'. If you're in line and see one of our beautiful familiar faces, raise your hand wave and say 'Flashdance'. That's our safe word. If you have your own you can say it directly after this one. 5. It will be cold in the evening. The lights are going to turn on, your headlights are going to turn down, so bring a sweatshirt. In fact, here's a packing list: - Sweatshirt - Towel - Clothing (however much or little you want) - A covered bottle - A good attitude Can't wait to get wet, Yeah
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