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Easily distracted by shiny, sparkly objects 🙈... swipe for the full✨✨✨ magic! . Do you prefer the first static image, or the second one with a little bit of animation? I’ve been seeing more and more of these type of cinemagraphs pop up, or images with subtle movement, and have been really loving the creativity people put in to produce this effect! I think this type of visual can really add extra depth to an otherwise static image when done right. Two other creators that have been killing it with adding this creative flair to their images are @wisteria_voyage and @sophoebelous, check them out to see what I mean! 🌟 . Photo taken at @vandusengarden Festival of Lights, which was one of my favorite experiences with @inside_vancouver over the holidays! #VanDusenFOL #veryvancouver #WAFxVancouver . 📷: @tom.shu with my edit
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And perhaps what made her beautiful was not her appearance or what she achieved, but in her love and in her courage, and her audacity to believe: no matter the darkness around her, Light ran wild within her, and that was the way she came alive, and it showed up in everything. // words by @morganharpernichols . Just a reminder to myself & to you, as we begin a new decade, that anything can happen. What you didn’t accomplish last year does not define your worth, for you are still here, & there is still so much more of you that will shine✨🌟✨ . Thank you @vandusengarden for the magical moments here! Posted more up on my stories! 🤗 #VanDusenFOL @inside_vancouver #veryvancouver #WAFxVancouver . 📷: @tom.shu with my edit
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#notetoself: If 2019 was the year of flying at record pace, then 2020 is the year to slow it all down. You’ve been traveling at top speed for the past year, going so quickly that you didn’t have time to reflect, or read, or write. You were going so fast that you couldn’t ever see it all. Every time you told yourself you’d push pause, there was always something additional you thought you could attain just around the corner. A new press trip. An exciting collaboration. A big event to attend. 2019 was the year you said yes to everything, but you hardly took it all in. You hardly had time to let these experiences cool & harden before something else came up. And now you’re standing there, wondering what’s next. . You wonder if maybe you should reach out to so and so again. Maybe you should create presets or an ebook like you see others doing. Maybe you should listen to a new podcast or read more. You’re filled with shoulda, oughta, woulda. You’re worried that if you don’t take action or hustle harder, you’ll be left behind. . These photos are here to remind you of all you did in 2019, & that it’s okay if the sparks have subsided, & the type of light that shines now is less flashy, but one that lasts longer. . Because the hard truth is that the year 2020 is a year where you will have to BUILD. It’s the year where you create the blueprint of your business, & set down the foundation for when you experience the peaks once again later down the road. This is the year where you will hit PAUSE on nonstop travel. Shut out the noise. Focus on being present. Embrace uncertainty. Build strength both physically & mentally. Practice gratitude. Seek joy in the smallest of moments. Prepare yourself for lifelong partnership. Fall deeply in love with yourself, & be content with less spark but more substance. . This is not the year to indulge in instant gratification, but the year to make peace with being elbow deep in the trenches & planting your feet firmly on the ground. Learn to slow down, & you’ll see so much more of the world and yourself ❤️ #witandfollywords . 📷: @tom.shu with my edits
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2019 was the year I felt like giving up the most. They say the first year you quit your job, everything is fresh, exciting, & new; you’re still on that high from taking the first step to really making your dreams happen. The first time you do anything big, you will feel this high. The high of your work being noticed & featured. The high of people congratulating you. The high of feeling in control of your life with the newfound freedom of time. The high will become addictive & you’ll keep searching for ways to recreate it, but eventually you will fail. . May, 2019 marked the end of my first year working for myself. The momentum I had been building came crashing down because I lost my way. I lost my sense of purpose & self. Maybe I was chasing a dream that wasn’t really mine. Maybe I shouldn’t have quit my job because what was I trying to do, anyways? I didn’t really know anymore. . Negative thoughts consumed me. I was doing things out of envy instead of excitement, & I was chasing after every shiny new object because I was looking for validation from others, or what I thought would seem impressive to the outside world. I isolated myself away from the people who supported me the most (I am sorry for the unanswered DM’s, texts & comments)...because I didn’t feel confident in my abilities. I didn’t believe in myself anymore. . Maybe from the outside, none of this seems apparent. In a way, I didn’t know how to open up or be vulnerable anymore. Even sharing this now makes me feel so uncomfortable. I look through my past writings & feel as if I knew myself more back then than I do now.. Although this makes me sad, I also know that it’s okay. It’s okay. Sometimes we must retrace our steps in order to move forward. . In 2020, I hope to come back to myself. I hope to truly embrace the journey I am on, & to be proud of the person I am becoming. Always authenticity over approval. Sometimes I forget my own motto, but in 2020, I hope I remember it more often. #witandfollywords . 📷: @tom.shu with my edit #WAFxVancouver #veryvancouver #grousemountain with @inside_vancouver
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She felt magic in the glow of the moon, the twinkle of the stars, & in the lights that shined as bright as ten million fireflies in the darkness of the night 🌟 . If you love all things to do with the holiday season, then a visit to Bright Nights at Stanley Park in Vancouver is a must! Through January 1st, the Stanley Park Train Plaza gets decked out in beautiful Christmas displays & sparkles with three million twinkling lights. 💫 . This was definitely one of my favorite stops with @inside_vancouver, and parking here is also free at night! There is a suggested $5 donation to view the lights, which goes to the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund. I also highly recommend taking a ride on the Bright Nights Train, which takes you through even more stunning light displays complete with music, which you can’t see just by walking through the plaza. It’s very festive and seriously just puts you in a good mood! ☺️ I’ve posted the train ride up on my stories so you can see what I’m talking about! 🚂✨ . Are you a fan of viewing light displays during the holidays? . 📷: @tom.shu #WAFxVancouver #veryvancouver #BrightNightsYVR
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Which do you prefer? Photo 1 or photo 2? . Both were taken on the same bridge - the only thing that’s changed is the perspective that they were taken. The first is from a higher angle, while the latter from down low. I love how with such a small change, you can so easily make the composition of a photo look a little different, and see the frame from a new perspective. . And I think this applies to our lives as well. Even if what’s in front of you doesn’t change and circumstances stay the same, a shift in mindset can alter your perspective and even create new possible outcomes. It all begins and ends with us. No one but yourself can create the type of life you want to live, and only when we start believing in ourselves can we start attracting what we deserve. . I know firsthand how easy it is to fall into the vicious cycle of a negative mindset, of thinking we were dealt a poor hand or that we just aren’t good enough. But a negative mind never created anything positive. Your life is as good as you’re willing to think it is, so each day, work on cultivating a mindset that lifts you up from within and shines a light on your dreams so bright, that it’s impossible to ignore. 💫 #witandfollywords . Pictures taken at @grousemountain with @inside_vancouver #veryvancouver #grousemountain #WAFxVancouver
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Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, whether you’re celebrating at home with friends & family or somewhere else around the world! ❤️🎅🏼🎁 I hope it’s everything you wished for and more🌟💫✨ . With love from Vancouver, 💖 Melissa . #WAFxVancouver @inside_vancouver #veryvancouver #VanChristmas #Christmas2019
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‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse... 💫 . Wishing you all a magical Christmas Eve & the sweetest dreams tonight!! 🌟 #WAFxVancouver @inside_vancouver #veryvancouver #grousemountain
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