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This band of people are my brothers. Going into the record, I had no idea what to expect. We never worked together, we never even met. I was just inspired by their catalog, I knew it would be something different for me and the guys were just down to make the best thing we could together. I haven’t done an instrumental record in 10 years, it was incredible to be able to build a record with the ideal of using different musical dynamics. Our goal was to have the songs sing more than ever, without a singer for most of the record. What we created together is the most dynamic, well balanced, biggest hitting, and lost singable @cas@caspianofficial record. These guys are some of the most talented musicians I know and I just wanted to do them justice. We pushed each other every day, no one settled. Every tone, every second, every musical movement was a critical decision. These guys are some of the best I know and I couldn’t be more grateful for the gift of having 6 new brothers in my life. I know we’re going to make some more history together. Everyone killed it. Go check out the new songs! Thank you @caspianofficial . So much love Shout out to @ryancrashburn for destroying the visuals and making everyday in the studio even more inspiring and enjoyable. He’s an artist. Always shout out to my team @vincent_ratti for tag teaming this beast of a mix with me, @hankbyerly for assisting me on this, and @rkswhittsmith for mastering the shit out of this Support this band
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I started working with turnover over 7 years ago now. It’s been truly special to grow with a group of guys like I’ve been lucky enough to with @turnoverva . They’ve grown so much as performers, writers, and just as a band, it’s remarkable. We’ve spent the last 7 years pushing each other, never wanting to make the same record twice, always trying to challenge each other to do the best we can while growing with every piece of creative output. We started working on this record in the fall of last year. This record means so much to me. The songs took so many different shapes in so many phases, I’m so happy we can finally share them. The team really killed it on this . All the way from the writing to the end mixing phases, we put all we had into it and I know it’s the best record we could make together at this point in time and I’m so proud of it. This is the best and most complete turnover record, the most dynamic. These guys deserve the world and I cant wait to continue to grow together. Go listen to altogether if you haven’t already and support some of the best . I’m very grateful for these guys
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Damn thank you @fender @jasonmklein ! Going to make some damn magic with this XII. Been wanting this tool to add to the arsenal for a very long time! So grateful for the best 🙌🏼🙌🏼🔥🔥
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The banger track I got to build with my bro @kournikovax for the champ @darbyallin is streaming everywhere. Go check it out. Adam and Darby are legends ✊🏼
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Check out the beautiful first time pressed on vinyl, “summer megalith” by the awesome @caracaraphilly. I remastered this debut LP for this release via @mem@memorymusiclabel. Check this out along with their newest banger single dark bells I produced with the band and check them out on tour right now!! This bands going to do some great things! Preorder @memorymusiclabel site.
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Bomb ass guitar spread on LP 2. 🔥
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Endless respect to one of the most important bands in my world! What they’ve done for indie rock music and the lives they’ve touched is incredible and something impossible to measure. They’ve always done what felt right for themselves, they’ve always made art that came from their souls. Thank you for that @mewithoutyou. Thank you for letting me play a very small part in your bands historic story. Thank you and I can’t wait for this year’s plans ❤️
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Been waiting to hold this record in my hands before I wrote even more words about it but it’s even cooler it’s happening for the first time halfway around the world in @nerdsrecords . @cer@cer@ceremony are inspiring. They’re visionaries and their craft has always stuck with me the last decade. I’m grateful I got to produce a record I’ve been a fan of for a while now and I never take that lightly. I’ve never met most of these guys before we started but we quickly got into each other minds and pushed each other to make the best ceremony record. And I know we built the best ceremony songs. These guys are incredibly talented and I’m so excited for all the future shapes and forms this band takes. That’s what music is about. Those artists inspire me, this that push me to grow and @ceremony does that. If you haven’t jammed this record, listen to it, if you have been already, keep jamming it. Endless love to @ceremony
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