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Enjoy our SALE Online & In Store from now until the 31st or January 2020! 💫- New Arrivals coming soon...
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Sneak Peek; New in 2020! - Coming Soon... - #WanaSambo #WanaSamboWoman #BossBabesONLY
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Enjoy our SALE Online & In Store from now until the 31st or January 2020! 💫- New Arrivals coming soon...
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HOW WE SEW; At Wana Sambo, the Freehand stitching technique is used for all our garments. Our garment patterns are drafted by hand, which makes for longer hours of production, but ensures 100% attention to detail. We believe that when clothes are Made by hand, they are closer to the heart and filled with love. This makes them exclusive. 💕 - Find out more on www.wanasambo.com - #WanaSambo #WanaSamboWoman #MadeInNigeria #Handmade #MadeByHand #SustainableFashion
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FAQ & ANSWERS; - (1) Do you re-stock when the sizes are sold out? - A: We are able to custom make any of our garments available in store in your preferred size as long as we have the fabric. - - (2) What if the fabric is not available? - A: We can give you fabric options that best suit said style but we would rather not compromise on texture quality for a color preference. - (3) Can I bring my own design? A: Yes you can, you will need to sign up for a consultation to ensure we finalize on styles best suited to your body type. - (4) When you say “Limited Quantities” what do you really mean? - A: We produce between 1-25 pieces per garment and once it’s sold out, its gone until it becomes frequently requested by you and we have to make it a “Classic”! - We hope we answered all your questions?? - Here’s our size guide... it’s also available on our website; www.wanasambo.com - PLEASE LEAVE ANY MORE QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION IF YOU HAVE ANY! - Thank you! 💃🏽
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At Wana Sambo, we produce between 1 - 25 garments per style. Only our “Classics” are produced and capped at 100 pieces (due to demand). This careful consideration ensures that every Wana Sambo garment you own is an investment. - OUR GARMENTS ARE SUSTAINABLE; These kind of production only allows for the highest quality of garments which are recyclable,can be re-used, and passed down from generation to generation. - In a world of over 7.5 billon people, you are amongst the 1-25 people who own that garment you just purchased?!! WOW!! - Find all these and more on www.wanasambo.com 💫 - #Wan#WanaSambon #WanaSambo #MadeInNigeria #Handmade #MadeByHand #SustainableFashion #NoWaste
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Being sexy has to do with something on the inside... not everyone has it like @thebeverlynaya does! 😍 - #WanaSambo #WanaSamboWoman #HappyNewYear
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To all the Wins, Lessons, Achievements and Obstacles overcome wearing Wana Sambo, here’s our celebratory end to 2019 and an absolutely fabulous Cheers to 2020!! 🥂 - We are finishing the year strong in the RED Dress! - Here’s to WINNING IN 2020 and taking what’s rightfully ours!🥇🏆🎖🏅- Song: Owo Mi Da by @tiwasavage 💫 - #WanaSambo #WanaSamboWoman #BossBabesONLY
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