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@chelseacutler put on a great show and @griffindennen killed the lighting 🙌🏼
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RIP to the old you @oliviaobrien
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Young CEO @dababy Shot for @cervantesmasterpiece
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This night was insane, @masego you’re a beautiful soul and it was an honor speaking with you. Your new album is brilliant and the show was incredible. There was a crazy cypher after wards with friend I haven’t seen in ages. Thanks again @john.marq for bringing me in 🙌🏼 I live for nights like these.
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Sex & Super Smash Bros 🕹 #lightspeedworldtour
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I grew up listening to @skizzymars bumping “Do you there“ on road trips, and chasing girls to “Be Lazy”. Getting to shoot his show in my home town was really special. Thanks for letting me shoot, and for being such a great person 💫
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Moving to LA in the pursuit of artistic expression can be a very dangerous road. Being young, ambitious and broke leads you into this illusion of the “hustle”. That lifestyle can very easily misguide you because that which you chase is never satisfied; leading to disappointment, judgment and a lost sense of self. Through this tour I learned to be happy with myself, who I am, and to channel my energy into the person I want to become. Thank you @hayleykiyoko for constantly illuminating love, acceptance and hope. It’s an honor to watch you thrive. #expectationstour
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@coachella was crazy so proud of the team y’all killed it🔥
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