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New Year. Same Me. For as long as I can remember, health and wellness has been a top priority for my family. For the past 5 years @onnit has been my core foundation for keeping us on track. From unconventional training equipment like the HydroCore Bag shown in the pix, to their slew of supplements built around the best earth grown nutrients & scientifically proven ingredients - I’m thankful to be part of such an awesome community. Oh, and thanks @caseypatt for the shred sesh! 🤙🏻 #getonnit #onnit #onnitpro #pattersonvsbesson
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What’s everybody shooting with these days? I’ve been running this Sony a7riii setup for a while now. Maybe time for a change up? #a7riii #tilta #atomos #ninjainferno #sonyalpha #rodemic #24mm14 #polarpro #tiltamax #gmaster
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apparently this is my hypothermia face. @whitehallmfgrehab #garagegym #icebathrecovery
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When @boostedboards announced the ‘Rev’ I thought really, a scooter?! 🤨 Then I rode one. Wow! 🤯 Too much fun. Pair it with the @insta360 One X and you’ve got yourself a real life video game. #un🔌andplay #boostedrev #insta360onex #ruroc
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ain’t no party like a @vaughngittinjr #jarodfilleddonut party. good seeing you, boys!
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blinked my eyes and eighteen months have just flown by. #loganbesson #radlikedad
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if you had told the 13yr old version of myself that there’d be a day where I’d be not only rockin’ a crash lid, but stoked about it; i’d tell you you were nuts. ha! @ruroc is killin’ it not only from a design aspect, but from a technology stand point as well. these 🧠 buckets are fitted with Recco reflectors that help you to be located should you get trapped by an avalanche. 🤯 🤘🏻 #ruroc #senditseason
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no better way to finish off a @snakeriverfarms 42oz American wagyu tomahawk cook than by tossing it back on the @biggreenegg caveman style.🤤#bgeteamgreen #snakeriverfarms
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