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Off and running....💨💨💨 #backtowork
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Here we go again!! @patriots
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Happy Saturday! 🎈😍🦄❤️
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Tb12 v. 4.1 release date 9/9/18 #LFG
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And the happiest birthday to my sister Julie on this day we share! My mom and dad once told us Jules wasn’t so happy having a little brother spoil her 3 year old birthday in 1977. But anyone who knows her, knows how sweet, loving and thoughtful she is. And not to mention a great mom and wife and friend! Love you big sis!!! ❤️🎉🎂
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Daddy’s little Girlie Girl ❤️ #yesistheanswerwhatwasthequestion
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“Progress begins a step at a time. There is no sudden leap to greatness. Good work done little by little, day by day, becomes a great work. The house of success is built brick by brick” - anonymous @tb12sports @patriots #LFG
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Pick a guy, and let it fly....🏈💨
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