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Because Skin Care IS cool ✨ Shoutout to all the nights that I remembered to take my makeup off…but really treating your skin with love pays off. 💛 As Ive gotten older, and after many years of modeling & wearing makeup I’ve understood the importance of being good to your face. Currently Im obsessing over masques, who isn’t! This Thermal Enzymatic Exfoliation Treatment is from the GAWDS! I love the warm tingly sensation, and how snatched my skin feels after using it. Thanks @freeagentskincare I’m just one step closer to holding onto my youth a little longer..lol 😜 What are your skin goals for 2020?! - @notiesmodels | @snapsstudio | @antonioglam - #CleanBeauty
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She’s a...lady😎 • On set with by far one of my favorite teams I’ve ever worked with @saltoptics @hmuabykellyk at such a stellar location @amareesnewport 🤍 • @notiesmodels
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Happy Birthday To Me 🖤
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Some might say 2019 had the AUDACITY, and I might agree, let’s be real it wasn’t always easy for me. Cheers to another crazy yet beautiful one, full of love, laughter, leaving my comfort zone, and another naked photo of me. 😋 Happy New Year! 🍾 • • • • Too many things I’m grateful to have experienced and learned this year 🙏🏽 👀 in the comments below ❤️
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unbothered. 💛
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Your entire life can really change in a year. You just have to love yourself enough to know you deserve more, be brave enough to demand more, and be disciplined enough to actually work for more. ✨ - Reflecting back 2019 was a big growth year, learning so many lessons; letting go of a lot of things not meant for me that in turn opened so many other incredibly exciting opportunities. I’ve become so much happier & healthier, and I’m loving every bit of it. Never forget that your happiness always comes first. ❤️ - @jarrellelee | @naharas.curls | @mugopus | @stylesbydavonte
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Metamorphosis // : a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one 💗 - @morphebrushes // @notiesmodels
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Meow 🐆❤️ // #junglewoman #halloween2019 - p.s. swipe left 👈🏽 I made this costume 10yrs ago and still wear it ✨
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