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MY man. I love him! 😍❤️
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Cotton’s first play! Soooo proud of my big boy. ❤️
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So proud of my boy for doing an amazing job at the Christmas play last night!
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Heck yes!!! So friggin excited! New keychain..that’s wassup! ❤️@4x4_merica #4x4merica
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After a year and a half, I FINALLY got to meet ONE of my biggest fans and supporters. If y’all don’t know @palerider88 give him a follow and gain a wonderful friend. Thank you Doug, for being such an incredible person! •••btw I have to add, Doug was rocking his #mericastrong T-shirt from @mericaaf_1776 Don’t forget to check them out, give them a follow, buy some shirts and use code Brooke10 for 10% off your purchase••• Also, I want to say...I have so many more amazing supporters and I thank each of you for being so kind to me. Maybe one day I’ll get a chance to meet you too!
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We snapped a photo with the owner! Thanks @hauntedwebmem for a great time! If you haven’t been, check it out!!!
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