New work with @genevemiller ✨ Such a beautiful person, inside and out ❤️
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Being gifted with a life to parent has not only been exciting and joy-filled, it’s been entirely humbling and a precious season for us. These weeks of pregnancy have been flying by and with every new detail discovered and kick experienced, we’ve been seeking to cherish each moment so deeply. There’s been a tension of wanting to share all about it, and yet keep it all an entirely big secret for us to experience this wonder of God privately. Pregnancy, the forming of child, a life, isn’t something to be taken lightly. Seeing this life grow from a little centimetre with a heart beat into the babe that it already is today has been absolutely breathtaking. We serve a God who loves this child so passionately, who has a plan and a purpose uniquely designed to this life, as He does every life. We are absolutely honoured to be the mother and father to this daughter of ours.
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