Little rock/leaf garden creations as constructed by the twins and some new friends they made at the beach (with zero prompting or instruction be adults)... I love giving my kids a long long leash, and when we go places I let them roam so they can come up with their own fun. Some people might think I’m a bit reckless but I watch from afar and really trust our independent kids’ and their skills. Giving them freedom usually means they don’t abuse it. The result? Children who do not say “I’m bored” and can make their own fun anywhere, with anything. Long-leash parenting (did I just make this up?) is not for everyone and living here on a little island where life is distinctly more laid back certainly makes it easier, but it’s great for us and the girls. In today’s world, however, it seems none of us can win and I honestly believe we ALL drop the ball in some area (currently I yell too much to name one), and no matter *what*, we will inevitably screw up our kids to a degree (most likely in ways we never expect or see coming) - hopefully minimally (🙏🏻) - but all we can do is our best, show them they are loved unconditionally and follow our instincts. How were you raised and how do you raise/want to raise your kids? #parentingstyles . . . . . . #wealldoourbest #raisinglittlehumans #youwinsomeyoulosesome #norightway #parenthood_unveiled #naturekids #islandlife #playinnature #barefootchildhood #letthekids #standbackandwatch #our_everyday_moments
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Yay mum will always win! Buuuut Oakley chucked the tv remote and now I’m looking at THE most annoying thing @netflixuk has ever done! 😤😒 #youwinsomeyoulosesome
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I tried to make a cake at home without all my fancy equipment and it was a struggle! It looks okay but the taste is overly sweet because my cake did not rise as much as I wanted too ( apparently my oven is all show 😂) and I could not properly mix my buttercream. 😭 Am I annoyed? Heck yeah! Did I learn from it? Definitely ♡♡ #experience #apprenticebaker #youwinsomeyoulosesome #vegan #cake
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No Disney trip is complete without a stop by Lost and Found. No joy. Goodbye, blue camera! Driver’s license, where are you? #youwinsomeyoulosesome #lostandfound #magickingdom #whydoIlosethings #MickeyMouse
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How will the wolf survive? Sold out crowd for Los Lobos tonight. #Muscocenter #youwinsomeyoulosesome #🐺
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So much Frog Spawn, can’t wait to see all the Toads hopping around ! #gooutside #behappy #natureisbeautiful #reflections #tadpoles #youwinsomeyoulosesome
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