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#Nut#Nutrafolner If you could pick only 1 feature about yourself that you absolutely love what would it be? Maybe it's your eyes. Maybe it's your smile. Mine is my hair. I've worn it long for years and take great pride in taking care of those locks. Over the years my hair texture has changed. Pregnancy, hormones (lovely) and age all play a factor in hair health. Sure I use hair masks and high quality products but the one thing I can count on for #hairwellness is taking @Nut@Nutrafol daily. Better hair starts with a balanced body. #Nutrafol targets the underlying causes of compromised hair growth in women before, during and after menopause. Simply said -- no matter what stage you are in your life @Nutrafol is a safe and effective solution to take control of your hair health. All women should love their hair. Pre-baby, post baby, pre-menopasal and post. Let's celebrate our beauty. Let's celebrate every stage in life we are in. Let's be the best version of ourselves. Hair and all. Ready to prioritize your own wellness? A daily dose of 4 pills a day (I add mine to my morning shake) and you're on your way to the most exceptional version of yourself. Head to the link in my bio and use code GROW25 to receive 25% off your first order for a limited time. #womensbalance . . . . #beautyfinds #beautyobsessed #beautyfavorites #beautyinfluencer #beautyblogging #beautyhaul #beautytalk #hairbloggers #haircrush #yourbesthair #hairlove #ltkbeauty
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This lovely lady came for some Hair Love, it's amazing what changing the shape can do !! @sarahnichterhair @evincesalon_vancouverwa @livingproofinc
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D I A N A ! Hair by @thomcostello @livingproofinc
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