🙌🏼🙌🏼DIY ANTI-FRIZZ HAIR GEL 💇 So long as we’re cleaning up our act we might as well tackle some personal care items too, right? • This great treatment controls frizz, adds shine and smells great! What's not to love? • 3 oz Aloe Vera Gel 1/4 tsp Vegetable Glycerin 7 drops each Young Living Rosemary and Lavender essential oils. • Shake well!! • • • • #DIY #AntiFrizzHairGel #Rosemary #RosemaryEssentialOil #Lavender #LavenderEssentialOil #YLEO #YoungLiving #YoungLivingEssentialOils #SeaSandOils • www.myyl.com/seasandoils
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Yoga + ACJ Meditate Diffuser Locket + Eucalyptus #essentialoils = L💓VE
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Arma tu colección de savalavas !!
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The best wood polish I have found is 🥥 1/2 a cup of coconut oil 🍋 15 drops lemon 🌱1 tablespoon of thieves cleaner Get a cloth towel and polish away!! As you can see the left side of the table is polished and the right is not, what a difference! ❤️
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'Leap. Take the plunge. Don't waver. Dive right in. Into your wholeness. Your you-ness. Contradictions, imperfections, oddness, fabulousness and all. In doing so, sure you may find that you don't quite fit in, but that's just because in stepping into your bigness you might just need a little more room.' - Light is the new black ✨
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My name is Daisy Andrea and I would like to invite you to my Instagram page. This page is where I will educate and inspire the use of essential oils. Please follow me @aromatherapy_essentialoils and enjoy the journey. I am always here to answer any questions you may have. You can access the power of essential oils many ways, but the most common practices include aromatic diffusion, topical application, and dietary consumption. These methods bring the pure essence of health-promoting botanicals to your home, family, and life. @younglivingeo
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What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. Makeup can be a sneaky place toxins can hide. Have you investigated what is in your makeup? I have used all natural makeup for many years now and haven’t always loved what was available. Did you know Young Living now offers makeup? Yep! It’s top notch 👌🏻 I started using Savvy Minerals by Young Living a few months ago and I am in love 😍 It is so easy to use, blend, and get a little or a lot of coverage. This is my Savvy Minerals face before and after. For this look I used Savvy Minerals by Young Living •Foundation-Cool No. 2 •Blush- 1st layer Crowned all over bronzer, 2nd layer I do believe you’re blushin’ blush dusted over cheeks and eyelids •Eye liner and eye brows- Multi Tasker-dark •Lips- On a whim- lipstick • Finishing veil- Diamond Dust • Mascara- Root Pretty’s 100 % Lash mascara in black #younglivingessentialoils #savvyminerals
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