¿Qué hiciste hoy para ti? 🌻 Espero que hayas encontrado el tiempo de relajarte haciendo algo que te gusta, pasando tiempo con quienes amas o descansando. Intenta hacer algo cada día que te haga sentir cerca de ti. A veces estamos tan ocupados con pendientes del trabajo, tareas, cosas que otros nos piden que no nos damos el tiempo de darnos nuestro espacio.💛 así que prepárate algo rico de comer, pinta, baila, sal a caminar mientras escuchas tu música favorita, ve una peli, toma fotos, juega con tus mascotas o lo que te haga sentir bien. ¡Te lo mereces! . . . . . . What have you done for yourself today? Hope you have found the time to relax by doing something you like, spending time with your loved ones or resting. Try to do something each day that brings you closer to yourself. Sometimes we're so caught up in things from work, tasks and someone else's chores that we don't take time for ourselves. 💙 so get yourself something delicious to eat, paint, dance, take a walk and listen to your favorite music, take pictures, watch a movie or do whatever you love. You deserve it! . . . . . . . #selfcare #selflove #positivism #blog #happiness #buenavibra #yougotthis #selfworth
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Don’t stoop to a low level of putting down your “competition”- even if the thought only stays with you. Of course we’re human, but there’s no space for toxic thoughts. INSTEAD, lean into how it makes you feel, give yourself grace ..and then move forward with an action plan based on how what you observed can help you GROW & push you to Rise Up! This is intended to be research & possibly a way to test your character. You got this 🙌🏽 • • #QuotesByHita #YouGotThis #SuccessIsntEasy #KeepGrowing #SelfReflection #DontDissYourCompetition #RiseUp #DreamBig #ItsAnahita
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Screen grab from @zairahangelaavis 😊😊 . . Don’t forget to tag us on your Posts @iam_positivitea & use our Official hashtag #iam#iampositivitea . . 📍Unit 182B , Holy Family Village Gate 2, Taguig City (beside the Guard House) . . #positivitea #iampositivitea #wootwoot #goodvibedrinks #fee#feelgooddrinks #yougotthis #youcandothis #feelgood #goodvibes #letsspreadpositivitea #teankyou #teayousoon #teayouaround #tealnexttime
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There are so many reasons to smile. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Everything is fine.
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