Sometimes less is more.... Taking time off to reenergize and rest can help you be much more productive than over working yourself. #lessismore #saynotoburnout #womenwhowork #feminist #equalpay #latinasintheworkplace #businesswoman #motivationalquotes #productivity #youareworthy
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It’s that time of week again! 🤗 It’s time to celebrate our accomplishments, and how far we’ve come! 🏆 👋 Hello Transformation Tuesday!!! 👀 Today marks the 140th day of taking Thrive! 😍 And I just want to share a little bit of my testimony with you! Before Thrive, I was very unhealthy, mentally and physically. 😔 and I was frantically trying to find anything that would work for ME. I didn’t want some magical “fix-all”!! I wanted something that spoke to me, and something I had confidence in! When I found Thrive, it took me awhile to jump on board, because it seemed too good to be true! (I guess I’m a skeptical person 🤷🏼‍♀️) But I’m so glad that I took a leap of faith, and dived all in! Because this has been THE best thing I have EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER done for myself. EVER. 😳 I feel amazing! I have energy like I’ve never had before! 🙌 I sleep better, think clearer, I feel in control of my moods, I’m finally in control of my weight, my aches are gone, my BLOATING IS GONE!! Seriously, so many things. And, everyday, for the last 140 days, I’ve been getting all the nutrition I was lacking in before! Yes! Everyday! 🥰 I am in love with how I feel and look! Every Tuesday I am able to celebrate my accomplishments, and my decision to take control of my life!! 💪 And I love it! 💗
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Whatever it is you want in life, you need to feel truly worthy of it before you can truly have it. Confront your fears, welcome the harvest. #youareworthy #releasefear #JennaOptimist #EmbracingGray #MakingShiftHappenInYourLife
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They really don’t. People will judge regardless. Become so in tuned with yourself that you believe in yourself and your abilities. You can do this✨
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{New Blog}✨ The key to Law of Attraction is to become aware and intentional about your thoughts. ⠀⠀ Easy, right? ;) It is and it isn’t easy really, it’s a practice. LOA is always working, it’s always listening and answering your desires whether or not your focus is on what you want or your focus is on the opposite. ⠀⠀ Start focusing and thinking about what it is you truly desire. You will know your thinking is in the right direction because you will feel good, and in turn you will be attracting that which serves your highest good. ⠀⠀ Come check out my latest blog post (link in bio) to learn more about Law of Attraction and how it has recently presented itself in my life.✨✨
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You always try to fix things.... You’re too nice.... These are the haunting words that all of my past partners said to me at one point or another. These words would make me cry, feel insecure and guilty. • • The thing is, I was unintentionally attracting these people into my life because I was unknowingly not fully in alignment with myself. I was allowing others to place THEIR OWN limiting beliefs on me and I WAS BELIEVING THEM ✨ If I had continued to believe them I wouldn’t be where I am today. • • Today I am wholeheartedly me I am exactly who I am, as I am, no filtering no bending or running from the truth Just a simple raw honest me I am free from judgement I am free from pressure I am free to love I am free to feel Free to be exactly who I was meant to be I had to touch base with the real me The one who loves so deep and cares so much and will always have your back I am done apologizing for who I am and who I have always been. Love yourself, embrace yourself, be you, because there is no one better than you! ✌️
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