“I am not like everyone else. I don’t pretend to be. I don’t want to be. I am me”. #mattrackmini
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Who do I love? I love my mom and dad, biological (wherever they are today) and my adoptive parents. I love my brother, sister, dog, and stray cats. I love my friends. I love my heart. I love myself. I love my ability to heal. I love my ability to get hurt. I love having this experience as a human; and I'm learning every moment. 🌈💞🦄💖☀️🌷💘💐🌺💝💕 We all have 24 hours. Use it how you wish. #youareEnough #hea#healing #healingisnotlinear #pts#ptsdwarrior #ptsd I do not own the rights to the music #mermaidsofthemoon #Enough #youareenough #trans Mermaid hosts: @lunar11mermaid @moonyogini Magical and generous sponsors: @yogisurprise @cultural_threads @hottieyogawear @chantmalas @themermaidmade @starwater.yoga - Use code MERMAID15 for 15% off! @yogacycled_wear - Use code MOONYOGINI for 10% off! @inspiritcollective @art_by_adrianna @yoganomalous.shop Our pose list: Day 1: Mermaid queen - pigeon pose of choice 💞 Day 2: Eagle mermaid - garudasana💞 Day 3: Mermaid warrior - virabhadrasana of choice💞 Day 4: Inverted mermaid - iversion of choice💞 Day 5: Mermaid dancer - natarajasana💞 Day 6: Floating mermaid - arm balance of choice💞 Day 7: Loving moon mermaid - heart opener of choice💞 Day 8: Divine mermaid goddess - goddess pose of choice Day 9: Moon mermaid - ardhachandrasana or ashtachandrasana Day 10: Resting mermaid - restorative pose of choice Hope you come explore the mermaid moon magic with us!! @igyogachallenges #IGYogaChallenge #yog#yogalenge #yoga #egovssoul #cleansethemind #yogajourney #yogaheals #anxiety #depression #selflove #gay #queer #lgbt #metoo #write #heal . . #dyke #gen#genderd #gender
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Yes YOU reading this!!! In case you forgot which I tend to too.... ❤ YOU ARE ENOUGH ❤ . . . . . . . #selflove #motivation #loveothers #hellodarling #youyesyou #youareenough
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“YOU ARE ENOUGH”...you know those sayings...I see them sprinkled about social media. I see them said by women who are a size 6, whose thighs don’t touch, who make breastfeeding look so easy and whose older kids eat everything from hummus to broccoli. The moms that make the no washing hair for a week look amazing and make cute crafts and bake with their kids...and yes I’ve no doubt they’ve got a million problems too with motherhood. But I never see the moms that shower only once a week (if they’re lucky), rolling through the McD drive thru, and letting their kids watch way too much TV saying, yeah you’re enough, I’m enough🤔 Let me tell ya, I was always the one doing the things and getting shit done, than I had my 3rd and just like lost it. My baby cries all the time, my toddler whines and I don’t think has eaten a fruit or vegetable in over a year and my oldest is boarding the pre-teen sassy train way too soon. I look at other babies that I’m told by their parents they are so content and easy going and I’m like WTF?! I want that easy going kid, and I wander why nature or God thinks it’s a good idea to give me such strong willed kiddos, like I can handle this. I can’t, I feel like I’m drowning everyday. Than I see those you are enough posts from people I can admire but don’t relate too really, and I think is that where I seek my validation? I don’t know why the heavens thought I could handle all this but than I catch my baby boy looking at me in that way that’s just for me, like I freaking love you so much and that connection that’s already been established. Or my 3 year old who still just wants mommy when she’s hurt or when the girls just want to sleep in mommy’s bed. I’m enough for them, I don’t know how but I’m what they need. So I try to breathe all that in, knowing it’s a fleeting feeling that will be gone before I know it. This parent gig is hard and I’m always second guessing myself and the more kids you have doesn’t make you an expert like some would assume but at the end of the long ass day I’m enough for them, that’s enough for me ❤️ #momminainteasy #youarenotalone #youareenough #morherhood
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@ber@bernardokath is one example of beauty refined from the inside out! Her humility and grace is as stunning as her smile and sparkly Louboutins 🙌🏼✨! Ladies, never forget who you are: CHOSEN; ROYAL; HOLY; SPECIAL; LIGHT; BEAUTIFUL ❤️. And like a superpower, allow that revelation of your worth to forever transform and empower you! 💪🏼💥 #youareenough #girlpower #asapchillout P.S. Join me in wishing @bernardokath a happy birthday! 🎉🎂🎈
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Bright Sparkle & the Aqua Sea... DOUBLE TAP IF YOU LIKE CLEAR QUARTZ!! A necklace dripping in smooth clear cool natural quartz, sea blue kyanite tear drops & one gorgeous beach blue opal! Light & diamond like sparkle all over your neck. This is my next shop update. I'll be listing this tomorrow. Shop link in bio. 👉👉💎💎💎💎 (Quartz gemstone is the most powerful semi-precious gemstone). It represents strength & Positive Energy. I adore wearing clear quartz, not only for its sparkling beauty (Diamond like, but so much more affordable), but for the power it's associated with. If you believe it. You just have to open your mind to it. Can't wait to share more from this new crystal book I bought. Soon to my ig stories! The weekend flew by..hope you had a fun St. Patrick's Day weekend! Love & light ~ Marissa 🌸 🌊 💎 #oceaninspired #mermaids #beachgirl #marissatdesigns . . . . . . . . . . #jewelrylover#embraceyourself#yogafam#pursuepretty#accessorylover#everydayjewelry#itgirlstyle#prettylittleiiinspo#nestandflourish#motivationdaily#youareenough#beautifulsouls#simplethingsmadebeautiful#alifeofintention#yogalovers#darlingdaily#getitgirl#yogaforeveryone#yogamakesmehappy#lifestylebloggers#wildchild#freespirit#layeringnecklace#jewelrywithmeaning#necklaceselfie
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