What is your morning routine? ⏰ How do you start your day off right? 🔑 For me, how I approach my morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. If I snooze my alarm a bajillion times just to squeeze in those extra few minutes in bed (which lets face it are never going to make a difference to overall tiredness levels) I then find that I’m restless the rest of the day, and things don’t often go as planned. Seems obvious right?! 🌱 It’s becoming more and more of a habit now for me to wake up an extra half an hour early before work, especially now it’s warmer, and step into my backyard to #flow (and stare at the sky 😍) however long or short. It feels good to #move and #breathe and #stretch the night off. I’m doing myself and my body a favour; Here you go - here’s a bit of a #selflove and care to begin this day, which in itself is a gift. #Gratitude every damn day ❤️
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Today's feature goes out to @cathymadeoyoga which has done a magnificent job with this video. Thank you all who have used my music for these videos it's been a blast working with you all!❤️
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#Repost @om.budd with @get_repost ・・・ What makes me a daydreamer? I guess the fact that I use to be absolutely terrified of public speaking, to the point of shakiness and tears... and now.. I teach my passion. I get up in front of over a dozen people and take them through a playful dance on their mat. Trying to articulate each movement and flow... So why not daydream. Dream the unlikely and make it so. All things are possible.
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