. . Happy Monday beautiful people. . . The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before. . . Model | @rebellious_hooligans Photographer | @medveczkyphotography . . www.astrocytesfitness.com
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#MeddyandMe5 Challenge - June 21 - June 27 🍃 Welcome Summer Edition ☀️🏖 Day 4 ReverseTableTop 🦀 ArdhaPurvottanasana. Apparently Jackson thought it was dinner time instead of yoga time 😀 This tends to be challenging for me due to tighten in my shoulders. I will definitely add this to my stretching routine. 🌺HOSTS @treeetreee @themermaidyogi @cparran_fitmom . ☀️BEARS @medelyteddy @meet_zeke 🐠SPONSORS 🐻@meddyteddy 1 Meddy bear 1 breathe shirt, 1 be mindful, 1 bearmaste, 1 green navajo, 1 blue navajo, 1 blue tye die, 1 white tie dye.  1 Meddy Teddy Book 🔗@infinitystrap 1 gift certificate 🐻👖@sweetviolasweets 1 pair of bear leggings 🎀@themermaidmade - bows for you & Meddy 📿@Anapo.energy 1 Bracelet 👚@Omsoulshop gift certificate 👖@namastefitlife pair of leggings 📚@sarahjanehinder - kids yoga book ASANAS June 21 Day 1 LocustPose Salabhasana SharkPose 🦈 June 22 Day 2 Airplane Pose ✈️ Dekasana June 23 Day 3 BoatPose ⛵️ Navasana June 24 Day 4 ReverseTableTop 🦀 ArdhaPurvottanasana June 25 Day 5 DolphinPose 🐬ArdhaPinchaMayurasana June 26 Day 6 FireLogPose 🏕Agnistambhasana June 27 Day 7 Any Pose with a Mermaid Bind 🧜🏼‍♀️ Bearmaste! 🐻🙏 #yogachallenge #med#meddyteddychallenge #yogabear #bearmaste #meddyteddy #medelyteddy #teddybearsofinstagram #igy#igyogachallenges #igyogachallenge #winameddyteddy #juneyogachallenge
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Oh this is so much fun guys! I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am with this challenge 🙌🙌 . For day 2 we’ve asked you to pose with or on or around some sort of vehicle/mode of transportation so naturally, I’m in my #sexyjeep 😍🚙 . Seriously, I LOVE this car. And we’re in the process of moving right now so my baby girl has been packed full bringing all our special stuff to our new spot. #toestand in the trunk was HARD especially because almost all of our wall artwork was in there too and I didn’t want to step on it! #livingontheedge . Wearing TRIBAL PEAKS minis from sponsor @nam@namastefitlife 🤩 . Hosts 🍭 @smashletics @nikortiz920 @yogamamampls @shadowpotato10 @yogifromkentucky @dowteri @zen.yoga.jen @romolovesme @kt.grant @vicwill133 @samanthamilk @fromsalt2sand Sponsor 🍬 @namastefitlife . . . . . #namastefit #namastefitlife #yogachallenge #photochallenge #adventureyoga #yogatogether #yogafun #scavengerhunt #igyogachallenges #yogagirls #fitfun #publicyoga #yogaeveryday #optoutside #offthemat #urbanyoga #beactive #namastayfit #inspiredyogis #igyogafamily
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