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Not long after Zebra was placed on earth, he decided he was the most beautiful animal of all. A trot around the plains proved, no other animal was as beautiful as he He had the most brilliant white of coats that was crossed with the blackest of stripes. He was not bland & boring like the others who wore greys & browns Zebra was so vain that he wanted the plains to be filled with Zebra like him. He wanted the world to have beauty, not boring colours that mimicked the earth. Zebra had a plan He found the only female on the plains & told her his plan. She liked the sound of plains full of beautiful zebra, but she realised that there would be a lot of work in this plan for her. Zebra being a charmer turned her ideas around & soon there was another zebra on the plains The male was happy with the new born, but he planned on having many, so soon he persuaded the female again. His beautiful coat & strong stature soon turned her ideas around again Months later another zebra appeared The male happy again. Two was not enough. He persuaded the female again. Months later another The male could not be happier As the years went by the male continued & soon the plains were becoming full. He was more than happy with his plan, but with each new Zebra his job of changing the females ideas around became harder & harder With each new zebra it took more persuasion of his female. He could not believe how beautiful the plains were & this drove him on further The plains were being covered but his female could not go on The male could not think of anything else, he wanted more black & white beauty on the plains. He forgot to lead his family to water. Creating more Zebra was his only thought The female was fed up, she was constantly pregnant & having to lead her family to water. The male always blinded by the though of more stripes on the plains When the female was pregnant, the male started convincing her they still needed more stripes on the plains Eventually she gave in & another was created to add beauty to the plains The male still carries on. Each corner of Africa is dotted with beautiful stripes & it is still the pregnant females leading the herd to water
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