I figured the best way to honor the memory of my sister was to have a seafood feast on her birthday. You’ll never guess what I found here in California. Live Blue Crab...oh yeah it’s on!!! Happy Birthday Kell!
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While we are enjoying Utila (Honduras) mostly underwater we got PADI certified for Open Water + Advanced scuba. #jeej. Had the most amazing experience during the night dive where ­microorganisms as ­plankton created light (bioluminescense) while waiving an arm of fin and watched strings of pearls glow and play their magic in complete darkness. Saw countless animals during our dives as turtles, nurse sharks, stingrays, angelfish, trunkfish, trumpetfish, octopuses, seahorses and our favourite, the spotted drum fish. #utila #altonsdivecenter #jaws #wrinkledfinger #gopro4silver
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Every successful entrepreneur has courage, that is the key strength you need when going against the odds. Even if it means giving up lunchbreaks and sleeping a couple of hours less.
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Kebiasaaannn.. anak lanang klo mandi pake acara main air dlu..🚿💦💦💦😅 I call this the grandfather's hand😂 "tangan kakek2" because his skin wrinkled😄😃 "Iiyhh tangan kakak ky kakek2..anak bunda jd kakek2 yaa?!"😁😄 ------ #wrinkledskin #wrinkledfinger #playingwater
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