Got time for your sweet tooth? Come on in! #wednesday #chocolate #2018 #march #yummy #babyitscoldoutside #worthit #shoplocal
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Will I? What do you think with that smile? 😂😂 #hiddenthoughts #SZA #blanckandwhite #worthit
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The most expensive lift to get to a room with a view! 👀 #worthit Look and see the history @phdockyard #hmsvictory #hmswarrior #marryrose and #hmsm33 somewhere. See the Navy of #oldandnew . #porstmouth #pompey #spinnakertower #thesolent
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So you guys, the kids are watching "Sonic Hedgehog," the babies are sleeping, Shawn's home early from work, the snow is falling, it's cozy inside, and I'm diffusing some thieves, frankincense, and lavender while sitting down to work on my health coach business. So many of you message me and comment and tell me how inspired you are by my posts! THANK YOU for telling me that! SUPER encouraging! I've gotten some questions recently so I wanted to take a minute to explain exactly what it is that I do so it's super clear for you all. I stay healthy myself, share my journey on social media, and hopefully, inspire you guys to get active and up your nutrition game as well. My team of fellow coaches and I run free monthly fitness accountability groups where people check in that they got active that day no matter what their exercise plan is, we share yummy healthy recipes, and we ask questions, post ideas, share hilarious exercise memes, and post cheesy inspirational quotes like "No matter how slow you go, you're still lapping everyone on the couch." LOL! We compete for prizes like Amazon gift cards and workout tanks that say "Supercalifragilisticsexyhelladopeness" on them. Bahaha! I don't earn any money from these groups and the prizes come out of our own pockets but they sure as heck help keep us accountable and force us to SHOW UP with this healthy lifestyle. #worthit So how do I help pay for my family's grocery and gas bills with this job? Basically, in a nutshell, I'm a Beachbody brand rep. When someone signs up for the "Netflix of workout programs" I use to stream my workouts, I earn 25% commission. When someone purchases a cool "Eat Like You Love Yourself" tank top or an awesome purple shaker cup or resistance bands or strength sliders or a great yoga mat from my personalized link, I earn 25% commission. When someone goes all in and invests in their health with a year's worth of access to over 700 different workouts and an awesome clean cooking channel that you can stream with pretty much any device (I use my Roku), a set of the color coded portion control containers, and a month's supply of the superfood shake I drink daily, I earn commission. (See comments)
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My home for the past two days. Literally the most gorgeous water I’ve ever seen. No filters! #sanblasislands #panama #islands #beaches #nofilter #travelbyboat #sunburned #worthit #travelrealist #travelpic #solotraveler
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