Today We are featuring our favorite Post by @ natgeoadventure - Photo: “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” -John Muir In this case, every stand up paddle board journey in nature...a majestic, powerful polar bear after a deep dive just before breaking the surface tension of the clear Arctic Ocean in Eastern Greenland. This photo is from a solo expedition while exploring fjords on my stand up paddle board. Bowing down and embracing gratitude to/for our Mother Earth 🌏. Looking forward to share more of the Arctic beauty with soon...the time is now...why ration passion? And please don’t forget, make sure to use your sustainable utensils, straws, cups etc., and help decrease one-time use products and work! -
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😱😍 What a sunset in Venezuela 🇻🇪! Onde foi o pôr-do-sol mais lindo que você já viu? . . . 📸by @travelingwithisa
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Today we are featuring our favorite post by @ leoniehanne - Ended three exciting days in NY.🌆 Anzeige / I was shooting two projects with and attending my second in one of my favorite cities... See my Longines story highlights to see the whole journey we've had together so far - I can't wait for the next chapter. Anzeige / Ad -
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