Day 50 of 365 Today we introduce you to Dr. Lisa Mills, an environment manager in Geelong Port, Victoria, Australia. I am an Environmental Engineer and Occupational Hygienist. I work as the Environmental Manager at GeelongPort. I have a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry), Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental), a PhD in Environmental Engineering and I am currently studying a Masters in Occupational Hygiene and Toxicology at Edith Cowan University. The prime objective of my role at GeelongPort is to improve the environmental sustainability of our operations. My work is extremely varied and can range from water sampling, to reviewing Environmental Management Plans, to conducting ISO14001 audits to developing strategic plans an maintaining our Environmental Management Systems. I have many interactions with operational and maintenance personnel, stevedoring operations and contractors. I have been selected as one of 95 women from across the world to take part in Homeward Bound #4, an intensive 12-month leadership program during 2019 for women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine set against the backdrop of Antarctica. Homeward Bound is an innovative global leadership initiative for women in science. The vision, over the next decade, is to equip a 1000-strong global collaboration of women with a science background to lead, influence and contribute to policy and decision-making as it informs the future of our planet. This 12-month program develops leadership, communication, visibility and strategic capabilities and culminates in an intensive three-week leadership expedition to Antarctica leaving from Ushuaia, Argentina. #womeninmaritime #womenatsea #womeninshipping #wista #ship #womeninspiringwomen #imo #worldmaritimeday2019 #empoweringwomeninmaritime #stemgirls #againstthetideke #womeninscience #portofgeelong #homewardbound
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Day 49 of 365 Meet Bridgette Barnes... Hi Everyone! I've been on boats in Pittwater all my life and could row as soon as I could walk and grew up spending time boating with my family. During my teenage years I began sailing and did a few sailing courses. I then moved onto crewing on larger yachts in sailing races. While doing my degree in commercial law I started working part time on commercial sailing yachts (Taylor Made Escapes) as a Deckhand for yacht charters and did my General Purpose Hand course at Sea School. I then moved onto doing my Coxswains Grade 1 course with Sea School and finished my degree simultaneously and moved to full time work with Taylor Made Escapes which made me the youngest female skipper on commercial boats in Pittwater at 20 years old. I also completed a 10 day voyage from Sydney to Tasmania on the Navy-run Young Endeavour learning to sail a tall ship and doing shift watch keeping. At 23, I now work full time with Sea School doing Administration and after completing the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment I am moving into training the General Purpose Hands and Coxswains coming through the school. I also still work part time with Taylor Made Escapes. In between the two jobs I spend my time on one of my own 3 boats, including a half-cabin, a small catamaran and a 1937 timber yacht project boat. #womeninmaritime #womenatsea #womeninshipping #wista #ship #womeninspiringwomen #imo #worldmaritimeday2019 #empoweringwomeninmaritime #stemgirls #againstthetideke #Professionalsailor #projectboat #youngendeavour
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Day 48 of 365 Introducing Loide Metumo Negongo, on her way to becoming a Master... My name is Loide Metumo Negongo was born and raised at Okongo village at the Northern part of Namibia. I started the maritime career back 2001 when i was one of the female NAMFI bursary holder, I studied and obtained a Deck officer class 6 STCW 95 F in 2004 and 2005 I worked as a bosun in one of the Namibian fishing company and was contracted for 1 year and that is how i gained the experience and becomes more confident being in the male dominant environment . In 2006 i got an offer at Namibian Port Authority at marine department as DPR (Dual purpose rating) on the tug boats until 2010 when i was granted the opportunity to go further my studies at cape peninsula university of technology at cape town, SA for Maritime studies (S1-S4 ) complimented by sea time from various tanker ships over the globe. 2015 I obtained national diploma in maritime studies and a class 3 Deck Officer certificate of competency, then i was promoted as a first female Namibian tug muster at namport . Currently I am working for deb marine Namibia as 2nd Navigating officer and my job includes: * Perform safe navigation watch keeping duties. * co coordinating the tug/launch operation safely. * Perform Helicopter Landing Officer duties. * Perform as On board Medical officer. * Maintain the Life Saving /Fire Fighting Equipment on board. * Comply and apply the MARPOL / SOLAS / STCW and other maritime convention and regulation on board. I am working toward a class 2 chief navigating officer COC and in future to get the master's ticket. #womeninmaritime #womenatsea #womeninshipping #wista #ship #womeninspiringwomen #imo #worldmaritimeday2019 #empoweringwomeninmaritime #stemgirls #againstthetideke
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Day 47 of 365 Today we introduce you to Rachele Andreani Rachele Andreani joined MCI in 2016 as Technical Manager/Auditor and was assigned to a new function from January 2019, as Marine Operation & Compliance Manager. She is specialized in Compliance for ISM, ISPS and MLC Conventions and she is in charge for Flag State Inspections and Port State Control management for the European Cook Islands Fleet. She is part of HTW Committee at IMO London from 2018. In her career, she took on several roles, in yachting and merchant companies – Company Security Officer, Deputy Designated Person Ashore, Qualified Individual for OPA ’90 and Safety Superintendent. A qualified Deck Officer, and with a Degree in Maritime Law, Rachele has close to 15 years of experience in the maritime industry – roles in the audit, safety, security and environmental departments for companies operating in commercial shipping, offshore, cruise and superyachts. #womeninmaritime #womenatsea #womeninshipping #wista #ship #womeninspiringwomen #imo #worldmaritimeday2019 #empoweringwomeninmaritime #stemgirls #againstthetideke #womeninfisheries #MaritimeCookIslands
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Day 46 of 365 Introducing Victoria Erasmus I am Victoria Ndinelago Erasmus, a PhD student and a Fisheries Biologist in the Ministry of Fisheries and marine Resources (MFMR). I hold a Masters degree in Marine Science, BSc in environmental Biology and also a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Namibia. I train Fisheries Observers both on land and at sea. I also participate in surveys of various marine species at sea. I collect and analyse massive amount of fisheries data. My key area of interest include feeding ecology, maturation dynamics, age and growth and the influence of climate change on various biological aspects of fish. #womeninmaritime #womenatsea #womeninshipping #wista #ship #womeninspiringwomen #imo #worldmaritimeday2019 #empoweringwomeninmaritime #stemgirls #againstthetideke #womeninfisheries #fisheries
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Day 45 of 365 Introducing Joan McLeod Hi, I’m Joan McLeod. I first stepped across a gangway as a crew member on a patrol vessel in 1979. I was 17, and loved it. I got my ticket as a bridge watch keeper in 1986, working on offshore search and rescue ships and aids to navigation tenders. My first love was work on boat, flight deck and resupply crews where I got explore all three of Canada’s coast lines at close quarters. I also spent two years on the incredible 1000 mile long Mackenzie River. Canada is a beautiful and challenging country! Building confidence to work in non-traditional roles and offshore can be difficult, but I remember, even after 15 years it got far worse when confronted by both good and bad attention because of being different and, well, powerful. I know challenges like that are still happening for many unique individuals and women who still are often “the first” or “an only” - and it can mean ugly treatment, pressure, stress and harassment. We know teasing is good. Challenges are good. But harassment and limiting opportunity or comfort is not. At the same time, I learned from and respected colleagues who’d come before me: a captain of one of my first ships started his career working operations with no motors in boats and no helicopters: they did it all rowing workboats ashore and building lead-acid batteries by hand at the beacon sites! Making workplace change and diversity less costly and harmful for teams, leaders and women is still a passion: I ran operations for a few years, and realized it doesn’t have to be hard. I eventually moved into consulting work as a Workplace Specialist doing research and training on what works to improve and sustain healthy complaint and conflict management systems: my company is called Conflict Navigator! It’s rewarding to support those who need to can speak truth to power, get heard and find that their organizations have ensured end-to-end support for the entire team. Only by offering to, solving and sustaining solutions will we make it easier to keep women on board. #womeninmaritime #womenatsea #womeninshipping #wista #ship #womeninspiringwomen #imo #worldmaritimeday2019 #empoweringwomeninmaritime #stemgi
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