Sucat Tatawid . . . @saansaph #SaanSaPH #TaraSaSouth
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Spent the afternoon monkeying around with some new friends. Yeah, I said it. Because I know someone will ask, the last guy's name is Nelson and he's in an enclosure because he's blind and can't take care of himself very well. He loves to have his chest scratched and hold hands with people since he doesn't get to have much contact with his group. Oh, and if you're wondering about the paw prints on Holly's skirt, that's from a little guy who hitched a ride for a bit. #monkeys #Bali #indonesia #workandtravel #sisters
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Real is Rare 😊🐾 • #happySunday #blessingonblessings #travelholic #traveltheworld #workandtravel • Nunu’s captured @nurulfahmw 😘
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Freelance reality || One thing you don’t realise that amounts up in freelance life is the extra management of money 😱 we’ve all got bills but once you go freelance, anything can pop up each month depending on what you need. Website and email costs, extra storage costs, quarterly tax payments, office costs, fixing your own equipment - I miss being able to ask someone in IT to fix or replace something for me! 😭 It’s not a bad thing but it’s definitely an eye opener if you’re used to an employer sorting everything out for you. It takes time to organise and stay on top of things, and you don’t get paid for that time either. BUT, that also means I’ve still got flexibility and that makes it all worth it 👌🏼
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