🤩 VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT: meet our social media manager @reycray 📸: @tatebot 🤩 Carson is a recent graduate from the software engineering course at @flatironschool and a former behavioral neuroscientist. Her experience with neuroscience gave her a deeper appreciation for learning how to code -- because brains and code are meant for each other. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, writing poetry, hanging out with cute pups and learning new things. #nyc #womenwhocode #programming #coding #lfl #hackathon #hacking #computing #programs #thingstodo #volunteer #womenintech
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We are delighted to announce that the 2 billionth Melexis Latch & Switch sensor has been shipped!🙌 This milestone wouldn’t have been reached without our broad partner base, operational activities in development, worldwide footprint, and last but definitely not least, our customers who pushed us to where we are today. More on our L&S product line 📲 link in bio #grateful #inspiredengineering #latchandswitch #peopleofmelexis
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Silvia Halim, Construction Director of PT MRT Jakarta is truly an inspiration to become a female engineer. #Repost @purposefinderid ・・・ Seandainya lebih banyak orang memilih untuk bekerja menyelesaikan masalah dan ga cuma diam dalam status quo, maka yakin banget dunia akan jauh lebih baik. Belajar dari Silvia Halim, direktur konstruksi PT MRT Jakarta yang seorang wanita berusia 36 thn saat pertama kali pulang ke Indonesia menjabat beban berat menyelesaikan masalah macet kronis untuk #ubahJakarta jadi lebih baik meninggalkan hidup nyaman 12 tahun di Singapore. Tapi dia maju terus karena buat dia lebih baik ambil bagian dalam perubahan. Fokus terus melayani dengan faith, clear mind and focus. Dengerin aja podcastnya ya karena pastinya lebih keren dengerin langsung dari dia. Download “Inspigo” app di playstore/appstore dan cari aja di new release 😘😘😘 - Inspigo, Inspiration on the Go #leadwithpurpose #indonesiabicarabaik #leadership #podcastindonesia #indonesiapodcast #SWEJakarta #womenengineers #insinyurwanita #wanitaindonesia #womeninstem #womenintech #science #technology #engineering #math #sains #edukasi
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For the last weeks, I'm studying ElasticSearch. Of course, using it in a project. And a big thanks to devs for tests, because exploring source code of tests often helps me to find my mistakes. #programming #womenintech #womenwhocode #developer #elasticsearch  #девушкапрограммист
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Last night’s webinar training on “How to Lead Yourself Well” was surreal 🌙 I shared my story of leadership & how I’ve grown personally. We did a deep dive into my top 5 tips for women who are looking to grow in their own leadership. We talked about confidence, fears. boundaries, priorities, and self care. The women who showed up ROCKED it. They got personal & created a safe space for each of us to fully be ourselves. I got texts that women had BREAKTHROUGHS from this training. My heart is full. If you missed it & you want support in your own growth and confidence, get in on the Leadership Mastermind I’m kicking off next month. You’ll be surrounded by a group of incredible women, I will lead trainings, you’ll get group coaching, and I promise your mindset will change as a result. More details 👉🏼 link in bio.
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