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Rafflesia gadhuthensis. Beberapa foto ini menunjukkan keunikan dan sedikit perbedaan rafflesia gadhuthensis yang hidup di kawasan hutan lindung Bouven lais kemumu,. Lalu apa yang menyebabkan unik..!? YA.. keunikan spesies gadhuthensis yaitu tempat hidup/habitat nya di belahan hutan Gadut dan biasanya di tempat yang tidak dapat dalam kata lain sering muncul di daerah yang sedikit curam. Kemudian bentuk nya sedikit mengerucut tidak membuka seperti spesies arnoldi.hal ini di sebabkan oleh bentuk dari varigon nya cukup besar,. Lalu apa sih perbedaan nya ,...?! Ya setiap walaupun di lokasi dalam hutan yang sama, memiliki perbedaan seperti; 1.ukuran 2.warna 3.bintik/corak Yuk terus dukung dan lestarikan alam kita. Save rafflesia habitat #raf#rafflesiaer #rafflesia #rafflesiagadutensis #wildplants #botanicalskincare #botanisquare #botanicalgardens #plantsofinstagram #vileplume#kemumu #wista #wisatakemumu #palak #palaksiringkemumu #visitcurupbengkuluindonesia #visitindonesia #visit_bengkuluutara #visitbengkulu #wonderfulindonesia #wonderfulbengkulu #wisatabengkulu2020 #wisataindonesia #wisatabengkuluku #bengkulupedia#kpplbu#kpplbengkulu#kpplbenteng#pokdarwisrafflesia#mountain
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Day 49 of 365 Meet Bridgette Barnes... Hi Everyone! I've been on boats in Pittwater all my life and could row as soon as I could walk and grew up spending time boating with my family. During my teenage years I began sailing and did a few sailing courses. I then moved onto crewing on larger yachts in sailing races. While doing my degree in commercial law I started working part time on commercial sailing yachts (Taylor Made Escapes) as a Deckhand for yacht charters and did my General Purpose Hand course at Sea School. I then moved onto doing my Coxswains Grade 1 course with Sea School and finished my degree simultaneously and moved to full time work with Taylor Made Escapes which made me the youngest female skipper on commercial boats in Pittwater at 20 years old. I also completed a 10 day voyage from Sydney to Tasmania on the Navy-run Young Endeavour learning to sail a tall ship and doing shift watch keeping. At 23, I now work full time with Sea School doing Administration and after completing the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment I am moving into training the General Purpose Hands and Coxswains coming through the school. I also still work part time with Taylor Made Escapes. In between the two jobs I spend my time on one of my own 3 boats, including a half-cabin, a small catamaran and a 1937 timber yacht project boat. #womeninmaritime #womenatsea #womeninshipping #wista #ship #womeninspiringwomen #imo #worldmaritimeday2019 #empoweringwomeninmaritime #stemgirls #againstthetideke #Professionalsailor #projectboat #youngendeavour
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🎀Pink Ribbon Walk Monaco edition 2019 #wista #wistamonaco #pinkribbon #breastcancerawareness #weekend #monaco #sunday
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Day 48 of 365 Introducing Loide Metumo Negongo, on her way to becoming a Master... My name is Loide Metumo Negongo was born and raised at Okongo village at the Northern part of Namibia. I started the maritime career back 2001 when i was one of the female NAMFI bursary holder, I studied and obtained a Deck officer class 6 STCW 95 F in 2004 and 2005 I worked as a bosun in one of the Namibian fishing company and was contracted for 1 year and that is how i gained the experience and becomes more confident being in the male dominant environment . In 2006 i got an offer at Namibian Port Authority at marine department as DPR (Dual purpose rating) on the tug boats until 2010 when i was granted the opportunity to go further my studies at cape peninsula university of technology at cape town, SA for Maritime studies (S1-S4 ) complimented by sea time from various tanker ships over the globe. 2015 I obtained national diploma in maritime studies and a class 3 Deck Officer certificate of competency, then i was promoted as a first female Namibian tug muster at namport . Currently I am working for deb marine Namibia as 2nd Navigating officer and my job includes: * Perform safe navigation watch keeping duties. * co coordinating the tug/launch operation safely. * Perform Helicopter Landing Officer duties. * Perform as On board Medical officer. * Maintain the Life Saving /Fire Fighting Equipment on board. * Comply and apply the MARPOL / SOLAS / STCW and other maritime convention and regulation on board. I am working toward a class 2 chief navigating officer COC and in future to get the master's ticket. #womeninmaritime #womenatsea #womeninshipping #wista #ship #womeninspiringwomen #imo #worldmaritimeday2019 #empoweringwomeninmaritime #stemgirls #againstthetideke
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