#GameOfThrones: Jon Snow's character growth through the years may not quite be as remarkable as Jaime Lannister’s transformation, but it’s still nice to see the former’s shift from a foolish, brooding youngster into a wise, humble and even more brooding adult. Some would say Jon Snow has plot armour, since he seems relatively lucky, not to mention he was resurrected from the dead. I’d say he wouldn’t be alive (at the time of writing) if he wasn’t the honest, honourable man he is. It’s because of his disposition – not merely his link to the Targaryen and Stark houses – that has compelled people to serve him, support him and die for him. I respect how Jon Snow cannot help but be truthful even when a situation demands lies and deceit. This was clearly seen when Cersei demanded Jon to remain impartial to the war between her and Daenerys if he wanted Cersei’s support against the White Walkers. This is a prominent facet of a healthy Yang Wood personality. Yang Wood people are also very straightforward – with Jon, he convinces people not through manipulative and wordplay, but by clearly stating the truth and his own stance on a given matter. You could say he sucks at playing the ‘game’ thanks to his Yang Wood inclination to be blunt, yet it’s that same trait that has earned the trust of countless. It’s not easy to emulate Jon Snow in real life – after all, how many people remain straightforward and sincere when the pressure’s mounting? Still, I think his core personality is a respectably uncommon in a world where betrayals and half-truths are almost considered the prerequisite for survival. Does Jon Snow’s disposition sound a lot like yours? Find out which Game Of Thrones character most closely mirrors your personality by playing this quick and easy (yet fun!) quiz @ www.joeyyap.com/thrones! . . . . . #metaphysics #joeyyap #realjoeyyap #destiny #BaZi #Westeros #personality #hype #trending #instagood #instadaily #instalike #sage #sagewisdom #ForTheThrone #WinterIsComing #Winterfell #HouseTyrell #HouseGreyjoy #HouseStark #HouseLannister #HouseTargaryen #HouseBaratheon #KingsLanding #IronThrone #SevenKingdoms #WhiteWalkers #HBO #JonSnow 📸: inews.co.uk
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