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I like these kind of bridges. The travel maybe slower and uncomfortable, but it shakes you into the present and allows you to hold to your heart every step and holes you pass. ๐Ÿ’š
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Your failures were already frozen in the permanent past. Live in the present and make it count.
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Marked as my 54th Province to visit from my #PH81 Project. San Matthias Parish Church of Tumauini Isabela made my way to appreciate more of old churches and wander what the Northern part of Luzon has to offer. This is how my weekend travel away from a rainy day of Manila. Roaming around where the sun lives (sarcasm), not just to tan my pale skin from a long weeks of no travel, but to wander those wonders of what the Philippines (especially up way North) has to offer! A definitely place to visit while in Isabela!
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Iโ€™ve noticed some water lilies infront of some temples and halls. I donโ€™t know if they mean something but I stood there, took some photos and as soon as I finished, others were rushing and took photos like I did. Lol. I think they noticed me getting fond of these lilies and they got curious and do the same. Well I admit I do like the outcome... I hope they do too. #atalantaworld
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