The Only Cure • Grief is not a disorder, a disease or a sign of weakness. It is an emotional, physical, and spiritual necessity; the price you pay for love. The only cure for grief is to grieve. #earlgrollman . . . #gri#griefney #griefishardwork #griefquotes #grief #griefandloss #widow #widowed #griefsucks #widowjourney #widowlife #widowcoach #ahopefueledlife
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.. my Angel watching over me... Yesterday i got a call from the first Funeral home I went to on Oct 1st ( afterwards used another) ..The woman asked if i was the young lady who called about a notebook.. I stopped and held my breath... See , as I’ve said i kept a notebook of not only medical info but my thoughts and feelings while La was hospitalized..I realized that I lost it but it wasn’t until about a week ago that I thought to call that funeral home to see if it was found..Its been about a week so I just figured , it was gone.. I can’t believe i have my notebook back, it meant so much to me...Again, my Angel must have known i needed this, thanks for guiding me .. crying happy tears 😢❤️❤️ #missingyou #widowjourney #grief 📒
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Don’t Be Alarmed • Was there something that happened during that first year that completely threw you for a loop ➰? One ☝🏼 thing that happened to you that you thought was alarming at the time but now nod your head and know that it’s “normal”? • Mine? Goodness I could fill a journal! Couldn’t you? I guess I’d have to say loosing my hair in clumps was completely a shocker! 😱 Sure I had heard that hair loss was a common part of extreme stress but MY WORD!! The amounts caught me off guard completely. It took years for some of it to grow back and even still, I have a spot. Now, I just give my hair a good old Southern tease, tame the bump and move on with my day! 💁🏽‍♀️ What’s your ☝🏼 thing? . . . #widowshelpingwidows #gri#griefs #hflonethingseries #grief #griefjourney #whatgrieflookslike #griefsupport #widowhood #widowjourney #griefandloss #itsthelittlethings #justsoyouknow #itallmatters #helpinthehurt #widowstrong #widowtribe #ahopefueledlife #yourenotalone
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Significance • Sometimes it is not so much where you are that makes a moment spectacular. 🔹 Sometimes it is clarity, a sudden knowing in that space, that marks that moment as significant. • Can you remember a place you were at that afforded you some sort of realization in the moment? Maybe the place was breathtaking or inspiring in some way but it is forever etched in your memory because it was more than just visually appealing, it made you feel and think things. There was and is a connectedness to it that you had at a deeper level. • Especially if you have experienced grief and loss, I want to encourage you - when you’re ready - to venture out to places you once loved or would like to go. You will know if that place feels healing or if it no longer serves you. Finding a place (places) that allow your mind to quiet down enough from the external demands, distractions and busyness, to be introspective, can assist in your healing. . . . #significance #mindbodyspirit #lifecoach #widowcoach #nashville #capturethemoments #mindfulness #livingwithintention #connected #takecareofyourself #clarity #griefjourney #widowjourney #griefandloss #momentsthatmatter
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My birthday weekend has officially ended! It was filled with lots of emotions on so many levels. I had an aching in my heart from missing Frankie and that is traditionally what I've felt over the last few years since his death. But this year my heart also ached because it was literally the FIRST time not being with my kids on my birthday 💔. Then comes the blessings and the joy but also the biggest change yet in my journey. My move to Virginia 5 months ago has been full of travels, adventures and new friends. But I could not have been able to experience all that if it weren't for my brother Jun and sister in law @cborjacruz. They opened up their home to me, never judge my journey and just have been super supportive. Then, there's my amazing friend and business partner Ashley Horner. It's not easy being an entrepreneur so having her in my corner has taught me so much about hustle and grinding. But even more important is her friendship and genuine heart. She somehow always knows when I need a heart with ears and this birthday I needed that ❤️. And last but not least is the man that has shown me that my past and present can coexist in such a beautiful way. Those of you that know me, know that Frankie has been the only man in my life. So, learning how to open my heart to someone else has been scary, exciting, confusing and amazing. @mickbrownofficial came into my life when I least expected it and now I can officially say that I am on this part of my journey that many widows would call a "chapter 2". Having someone in my life that respects my journey as a widow, is not jealous of a ghost and actually encourages and participates in honoring Frankie is simply mind blowing. There's still so much to learn and grow in this specific area of my life but I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else ❤️. So this is me as I continue on this path of giving grief a voice, honoring Frankie's memory (always) and practicing self love. Cheers to 47 years of life 🥂. #birthdaygirl #blessed #honoryourfeelings #creatingmemories #pastandpresent #myjourney #widowjourney #chapter2 #hope #light #love #purposefuljourney #widowrising #fortyandfabulous #selflove #gratefulheart
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✨☯️✨ Spiritual Partnerships are different than friendships, are different than traditional marriages and can be between any two people, not only those in romantic relationships. “A Spiritual Partnership is a partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth.” I learned that from Gary Sukav and Linda Francis during their SuperSoul Conversation with Oprah on their podcast published on 5FEB2019. Is your Soul seeking in relationship a deeper connection and a yearning to evolve and grow in this lifetime? Do you have 29 minutes to listen to a powerful podcast conversation? Sharing half an hour of your life with the three of them, discussing with Oprah the inspirations and insights found in their book “Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power,” is time well spent. In addition to the above, here are a few other insights that “WOW’d” me: “Spiritual partners are able to see clearly that there is a deeper reason why they are together and that reason has a great deal to do with the evolution of their souls.” “Spiritual partners say the things that must be said even though it might trigger fear or be painful. Instead of reacting to a trigger to your fear, it is an opportunity for each person to learn and grow, to challenge the frightened part of their personality and choose a different reaction. You can choose to create something constructive instead of destructive. There is where you start creating your authentic power.” Find it wherever you listen to podcasts. Highly recommend. Thank you, Oprah. Thank you, Gary. Thank you, Linda. After you listen to the podcast, let me know what reflections and insights touched your soul. Do you believe such Love and Spiritual Partnerships exist for all who crave such connections to evolve their soul in this lifetime? Love, Gayle #creatingucoaching #missiontoenlighten #lightingyourpath #livingyourlight #thingsiknowtobetrue
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That Fog Though • A few things I’ve learned about this whole #wid#widow/a> thing: 🔹Not to fret. It’s all in there it’s just hidden down because it’s not essential right now. 🔹It doesn’t make you any less intelligent or capable. 🔹It can linger. Your body and mind have undergone tremendous shock and have had a lot to process and cope with. Be patient with yourself and give yourself time. 🔹If you do feel like it’s making you slip into depression, seek help. 🔹It is there to protect your mind. Let it. Slowly allow yourself to break through. Be gentle & kind with you. . . . Words by #emilycoxhead #widowlife #widow #wid#widowed #widowjourney #ahopefueledlife #widowed #grief #widowcoach #lifecoach #selfcare #griefjourney #widowsupport #widowhood #widowhoodsucks #widowshelpingwidows #whatgrieflookslike #hanginthere #widowsofinstagram #widowbrain
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