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Another addition to the tattoo collection, starting work on the 1/2 sleeve on my left arm. The picture is of my dad back in his days as a professional speedway rider, wearing the colours of the Mildenhall based Fen Tigers and his famous white leathers. Whilst his professional days were long behind him by the time I was born, he maintained a close bond with the speedway world and I got to meet many of his ex team mates and rivals growing up. What I learned was that whilst he could hold his own, Dad wasn’t the worlds greatest speedway rider. But there wasn’t another rider out there who could rival him for passion. He was well known for putting the boot into other riders and sending them into the fences. There’s also more than one story of him getting into in the pits with another rider, plus the occasion his kicked down the door to the referees office after he was excluded from a race. Despite this reputation, he was also incredibly popular amongst his peers and with the fans. Dad brought that same passion and popularity with him into later life but his inability to control that passion didn’t always serve him well. In the end it led him to take his own life 13 years ago. It’s taken every one of those 13 years, combined with a lot of life experiences and souls searching to help me see just how like my dad I am. I spent a long time trying not to be like him before I could understand that being like him was something to be proud of. By acknowledging I have both his strengths and his weaknesses I can be the version of him I want to be. A version I think he’d be proud of. #speedway #tattoo #dad #mildenhall #fentigers #whiteghost
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Tonight WHITE@GHOST ultla lounge Open 22:00 @asmoskjpn birthday celebrate ASAMI姉さんのお祝いみなさんよろしくですっ!(^^)(^^) ほんで祝日なんで普段来れない方もお待ちしてますよー!( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) #ghostosaka #whiteghost #osaka #japan #good #vibes #music #hiphop #rnb #dj #nice #like #アメリカ村
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