Official #wed#weddingher at another wedding this time in Thailand. . This was super clever for their photo's they stood at the entrance to the reception and as guests arrived for this part they had professional photos. Something you could do for your weddings buddies. . Looks like I will be in their wedding album popsicle outfit and all. . . . Catch the action in my story. . . #weddingcelebrant #wedding #kohsamui #samui #traveller #weddingbells #thaiwedding #thailand #wheresjoholley
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#VibeShiftandLift word of the day . Learnt some new slang/made up word today. Was like "why are the girls saying quiche when this photo was taken"... they hungry or something for quich in Thailand? . "Quiche" oldies get up with the play. No it's not the baked flan or tart with a savory filling thickened with eggs that kinda quiche. It basically means "hot" but like it's a step above hot. . . "Aw mate you look so Quiche". "Having a quiche time". "So quiche" and if you want to really nail using this add amplifier words like "he is seriously so fricken hot" . . You heard it here 6 years later. You are welcome. . . #keepingupwiththeyoungsters #jamieking #wordoftheday #soquiche #quiche #ifyoudontknownowyouknow #wheresjoholley #kohsamui . . 📸 @faz_outside
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Where is your office? . . Yup, mine is where ever I am depending which one of my passions/jobs I am doing. . . Currently in the air on the way to my next destination writing my next travel article for @letstravelmag cracking myself up, loudly and doing that no breathing, squeal not really a squeal but a "huaaah" as you you breathe in kinda laugh, grinning hard out at the adventures as everyone gives me the sideways glance. Of course I lean over & fill my new mates in on the plane as to what I'm up too, to their delight 😆 . . Then I'm caught in what would look like mesmorising mannequin moments looking into the sky, mouth open while licking my chipped front tooth (I know right!! It's new & now I suddenly have an urgency to touch it - constantly) fingers tapping away on my laptop. . . What I am actually doing is re-watching the antics unfold as I beam the images from my memory onto an imaginary projector - clearly I am a visual/practical learner, nodding my head as opulent words flow in, and celebrating little A-Ha moments when I think "ooooh yup that's a good one write that". Meanwhile the flight attendant is like "Mrs Joanna Holley do you need something?" As I snap out of reminiscing....Yes.. actually will you take a photo of this moment 🤷🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ "yes this is your work station" she says... we crack up laughing. "sure is". . . 😂😂 Love writing for #LetsTravelMagazine swoop up the mag and have a read of one of my articles along with some of the worlds most renown writers. . . #travelwriter #travelhost #presenter #writer #wheresjoholley
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Just casually sitting under a shower cos that's how you really do glam #glamorie yup you heard it here first. #showerglam
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Excitement levels 1 million plus #Blitz . . Watch my story now for my Blitz welcome #outthegate . . #wheresjoholley #kiwisinla #la #losangeles #dogsworld #dogsofinsta
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🔸️BE ALL SIDES OF YOU🔸 In the gate Out the gate Don't hold back Go beyond the electric fence For everyones sake Be great Laugh loud Work hard Play next level Do all the things that shake you Elevate you Shape you Escape It's never too late Challenge yourself Be open to new learnings Let knowledge flow Live it Share it Embody it Grow Lead Be guided Immerse yourself in the mystery You never know what will unlock for you Inspire you What might ignite you Vibe high Shine brighter than bright Beam Glisten Roar Do it all Let your soul fly Caress your body Let your mind explore Flow Let it all show For some you may be a shock For others you may not Be the whirlwind Be wild Be free Just be Be alone All alone Be your own guide Look inside Fill yourself up Rest Cry Feel Heal Be present Live now in this moment Dream Be supreme Adventure Embrace the journey Explore Do more Be with others Share the journey Let your infectious energy ripple Radiate positivity Uplift Energize Soar Just do it all Remember Some will gravitate to you Some will run far from you Most won't really know you Or get you Or even try to see the real you They may boomerang back to you Or not They are on their path A different place to yours A different time to yours A different flow to yours You are on yours . . Some come to teach you a lesson Listen Bless them Let them go Both grow One day paths may collide Another space in time Another time in ones journey But just know Those that are meant to grow with you Those that support your happiness Add value Positively challenge you Inspire you Love you Accept you SEE YOU Your true tribe They will step up They will stay To connect To explore To play To adventure To do it all So don't hold back Let people assume incorrectly Let people talk Whatever their story Let it go Nobody cares Just do you All of you . . & always give thanks Grattitude is key Share your gifts Pay it forward Receive Give Just Live Be you Be outrageously awesome Be successful Be mind-blowing Because you are you And you have it all Inside you So come to the edge It's your time to fly Embrace you Love you & Always Be all sides of you 🔸️Jo Holley 🔸️
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Yeeeoooooow how about that!!! Jeepers how good the body heals right! . . Remember I fell up stairs (yes up) & tore my ligament in my wrist late last year. Well well well would ya look at that! I may have a hectic scar on my wrist going up my arm from the steroid injection (which didn't do anything) and the bone sticks out which freaks everyone out makes it look like my hand is just hanging there unattached 😂😂 but shit yeah look what I can do again!! . . Modifications buddies throw out those limitations. Celebrate the gains even the mini ones. Do the work to heal. . . So that's that sorted... now just the labral tear to go whoop whoop. Gosh buddies who have had this I 100percent agree it is on another level horrible. Oh and then my chipped tooth 😂😂 now that's a whole nother story #LifeIsEpic #behindthescenes #wheresjoholley . . PS. How epic is PINK BEACH fuuuuuuuweee
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