I love sweets! Salted Caramel.... Yayor Nay? Enduring Matte Lipstick is the BEST!!! #sweets #sweetlife #liquidlipstick #mattelipstick #bakedgoods #caloriefree #day21 #professionalcosmetics #whattheprosuse #whattheproswear #RoesLimeLife
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This 3006 model @schieksportsinc belt is reinforced with an extra layer of neoprene coated nylon to make the belt stiffer for extra support.
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The ever growing trend of joining a company that allows you to ✨work from home or wherever, ✨make your own schedule, ✨be your own boss, ✨be there for your kids and ✨change the lives of SOOOO many along the way, ✨all the WHILE becoming a millionaire IS TAKING OVER, my friends! Do yourself a favor, find your passion and then find a direct sales company with quality products, a Comp plan that pays you your worth and owners that care more about you and your well being then themselves and you, my friend, will have struck Gold. If what you love and are passionate for doesn’t have a DS brand yet....First, mark my words, there eventually will be so keep your eye out but second, get involved with one that you like or see the business potential in to start building your network and creating those business relationships with people. Do you and will you HAVE TO WORK??? Yuuuuup. Will you have to put as much time in as you do at a full time job to be successful??? You bet your ass you will. Will it feel like work and be boring, repetitious, mundane, annoying and unfulfilling??? Nooooo, how can something you do full time and love to do passionately but ANY of those things. Is it amazing to be your own boss and no longer make the boss man all the money??? Yuuuuup. Is the compensation plan REALLY going to make you millions??? IFFFFF you put the time in and treat it like you do your every day 9 to 5...YESSSSS! LimeLife continues to raise the bar every single month. 😍😍😍 Not ONLY for existing Beauty Guides but also to help those wanting to take their business to the next level as soon as they decide to take the leap to change their life. I can promise you one thing... No one here is trying to sell you...we just want YOU to be as happy and successful as we are, without giving up your time to someone or something else! That’s all. It’s quite simple actually. But NO ONE is going to do it for you and NO ONE can change your life...BUT YOU. #LimeLifeforthewin #Again #LimeLifer #DoSomethingThatMatters #ChangeYourLife #ItsUpToYou #DirectSalesIsAGameChanger #RoesLimeLife #whattheprosuse #whattheproswear #womeninbusiness #melanin #bostonlashes BOSTONLASHES.COM
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Essentials are the building blocks to a timeless golf wardrobe. We are excited to introduce you to our newest brand #KateLord, worn by major champ @brittany1golf 🛍 shop link in bio #whatstrending #newarrivals
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@cody_montgomery just getting it done with his @schieksportsinc gear combos.
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Another killer @schieksportsinc combo. FULL Range here: https://lobocki.com.au/collections/schiek
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