P A S S I O N Feeling pretty dang grateful to be able to work with not just one, but T W O companies I am so passionate about. . . Beautycounter has my heart for getting safer and amazing products into the hands of everyone! And Beachbody for helping get all these amazing boss babes back on their own priority lists. (Also for getting @bamow to finally workout with me 😆). . . How lucky are we to live in a generation where we can make can make a little or A LOT of side hustle 💰 on things we are passionate about using basically just our 📱and 💻. . . I always knew I wanted to be a Mom, but I also knew that I wanted to find ways to channel my passions and also use that degree in communications I earned 😆. Grateful on the daily that I get to work alongside so many amazing #bossbabes doing just that! . . Curious about any of it??? Ask me anything, I dare you! 😉
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Ceramic bowls, wooden spoons, handmade is beautiful.
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David Craft sent this photo in saying he has been reading NZ Rod&Rifle for over 20 years! Still hunting at 70+. AWESOME! #whyihunt #whatsyourwhy #whyifish #readersphotos #nzrodandrifle #nzhunting #huntingnz
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Cliche, rainy Sunday afternoon question time!!! 😜 I want some good movie recs! 🤗🎬Anybody seen anything fun or inspiring lately?!? I wanna know!!!
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It does not matter how fast we get anywhere. Forward is forward !! ☀️. We all want certain things / have goals and dreams etc. Who cares how fast you get there. ☀️ Sometimes we might get off track. Who cares. Today is a new day to get back on track. ☀️ Every effort and baby step is moving forward ☀️ Just Keep Moving! Movement is Medicine! #spinwithcyn
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