I feel happy for Wes, since he is having a great time on his trip, I hope he has many more of those beautiful experiences 😊
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Why I’m still up after the long day I’ve had is a mystery to me.... goodnight #westucker #wesleyfinntucker #okokalright
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mb’s street style ac mine | cc @bravenry (edited) sc @boca.aep | pc @agvoids | dt tagged ♪ paradiso - azealia banks ♪ #omgpage #madisonbeer #madisonbeeredit @madisonbeer
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Carita de bebé, I love u 💛.
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good morning guys, i hope you all have a good day. mine is already lowkey shitty lmao. i love you @wesleytucker i miss you. #wesleytucker #westucker #okokalright
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hi guys! i hope you’ve been well, i have my first final tomorrow & then 3 more until my first year of college is over. i hope you have a better week than i will! love 💓 #wesleytucker #westucker #okokalright
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I wish you a very happy easter 😊 Wes gave signs of life 🤗 (He liked ❤)
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