Daily we must check out hearts. For we know from out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. What we harbor and hold on to will show in our daily lives and how we communicate with others. This is something i pray daily. We are so quick to check other, but lets start by checking ourselves with the help of the Holy Spirit!
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Abraham obtains God’s favor and the Lord graciously gives him his secret counsel. Abraham’s eyes were ever toward Jehovah – waiting in his tent watchtower and running to the Lord – his walk with God greatly contrasts to his nephew Lot’s in the next chapter. God told Abraham he was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because it was overrun with evil. Abraham repeatedly intercedes and the Lord mercifully lets him dialogue with him. If ten righteous were found, the city would not be destroyed. None but one was found righteous though and even that one was reluctant to leave. While Abraham lifted his robes and ran to God, Lot lingers in the city of evil – so much so, that the angels literally have to seize his arms and drag him out to save his life. Escape for your life must always be our response to sin. God holds off the destruction only until Lot gets to safety. As I read this, I learned so much about God. He doesn’t long for anyone to perish. He gave the people of Sodom and Gomorrah chance after chance to repent and yet there were not even ten who did- he is so incredibly patient. Here Lot could have died, yet God sends his angels to literally drag him out of the city to save his life. I also learn a lot from Abraham. We should run to God, not linger with the world. Abraham’s faith was fastened upon God, Romans says. He didn’t stumble in wishy-washy faith like the horses and mules in Psalms who had to be curbed with a bridle because they lacked understanding and would wander away. It is God who taught Abraham and it is God who teaches us, Abraham’s remnant today. God calls us friend in Psalms 25:14 and John 15:15 tells us that he makes himself known to us. Run to me, he says. Run to me and incline your ear to my secret counsel. Pull up your chair, my friend. Lean in and listen closely. I have so much to show you. Let’s sit in our watchtowers. Let’s allow him to interrupt our ordinary moments. And let’s declare with the Psalmist: Mine eyes are ever toward Jehovah.☝🏼link in Bio . #womenintheword #journaling #biblejournaling #christianblogger #shereadstruth #wordbeforeworld #wellwateredwomen #soulscripts #biblestudy #gracenotperfection #faith #encouragement
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"Happy Monday! The world is looking for something different, something real and something life giving. That kind of hope must start inward in our own lives(experience it) and then allow it to overflow outward. I’m constantly reminded to tend to my own garden, pull out the weeds and nurture my roots with living water." 💜 @sobersis
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We are just over here getting better and better at tummy time with each passing day. 👏 To think that it's only a matter of time now before she is rolling all over our living room floor.
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You guys know I've been trying to honor myself and my healing body with lots of REST in these last 3 weeks. Omg! My baby boy is THREE WEEKS today!! 😩Okay, moving on.. . God has a pretty cool way of giving you what you need because He loves you. Well, I've been spending majority of my days right here, in this very position, with my little guy. Because of him, I've been slowing waaaay down and it's really nice, but I can tend to wanna rush it away. . Anyways! I just wanted to share that I've been learning that "rest" can go beyond the physical. For me it can look like.. . Resting the high expectations I put on myself and believing that God loves me even in the stillness. . Resting my urge to do the next thing, so I can just be in the present moment. . Resting my worry to keep my social media updated and trusting that God will allow the right people to stick around no matter what. . Resting my frustration with being on top of all the things and on schedule and rather, trusting that God already has a plan of redemption where I fall short. . With all that to say, I may be quiet around here for a bit, so I can spend more time with the Lord and more present in my home with my family while we create some new rhythms and routines. This feels scary, but I'm learning that being brave can mean stepping back instead of stepping up. I feel God stirring something big in my heart and it's gonna be great for me AND YOU!! . I can't wait to come back ready and share my exciting news with all of you!! . . . #Baby4 #MomOf4 #Postpartum #MomStrong #MotherhoodUnplugged #ThisIsMotherhood #MissionalMotherhood #MomLife #PostpartumJourney #FedIsBest #NormalizeBreastfeeding #Homeschooling #HomeschoolMom #ChristianMom #WellWateredWomen
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ARE YOU READYYYY??? . . We pray you are just as excited as we are! God is showing up here at Ark Of Women! The might hand of God is upon us this year! . . Please stay tuned for your first Ark of Women email!! ✨ Sisters if you have not done so please submit your applications as soon as possible! ✨ For any further questions please feel free to reach out to us! @arkofwomen @kingdomfulltabernacle#kft #kingdomfulltabernacle #arkofwomen #kingdomkids #kingdomwomen #education #ministry #womanofFaith #Christianblogger #Daughterofaking #knowledgeispower #stamford #con#connecticut #JesusISKing #glory #favor #powerofGod #Holiness #WomanofGod #propelwomen #wellwateredwomen #singleness #proverbs31woman #influencer #happiness #love #Jesuslover #marriage #church #connecticut #purpose
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God with the same hands you made the stars⠀ You formed us⠀ Not one did you light up unintentionally⠀ You love the light ⠀ the way they glitter and shine⠀ And in the same way they illuminate the night⠀ Your children light up the world⠀ No darkness too dark⠀ To cover the brightness⠀ That consumes our hearts.
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This verse is a favorite! Probably because this is the foundation of new life in Christ but also the lifelong pursuit. 🙌🏼 . Jesus said of John the Baptist, “...among those born of women there has arisen no one greater...” Wow! What a compliment! Coming from Jesus, especially. And what does John say?: “[Jesus’] sandals I am not worthy to untie.” . . “He must increase, and I must decrease.” . Here are some lessons I’ve learned from John the Baptist. (I’ve turned them into personal declarations.) . . 🌱 I will not pretend to be someone who I am not to be more popular, but I will use all of the God given tools and gifts at my disposal to share Christ with as many people as possible. . 🌱I will not indulge in sin in order to seem more relatable or approachable to others, but I will tell you how Jesus freed me from the bondage of it. . 🌱I will not water down or change in any way the message of the Gospel, but I will share how absolute freedom is found under complete submission to Christ, and how it is a beautiful and joyful daily death to self. . 🌱I will seek Him and serve Him with my whole heart, knowing that it makes me look like a weirdo and knowing that it separates me, in many ways, from the world I am living in and called to preach the Gospel to. . . It’s so encouraging to see John be exactly who God made Him to be! He wasn’t caught up in being, looking, or acting like the world around Him. He just stayed in His lane and paved the way for Jesus! Father, help me to have the surety to know whose and who I am, serving you wholeheartedly. May my life be a pleasing offering. 💕💕💕 May we remember that “greatest” is not the goal, though; Christ is! 🙌🏼 .
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