Yoga is on tommorow morning at Emerald Heart Yoga 8.30am 🕉🌱 Start your weekend off right and cruise through your day, feeling at peace and rejuvenated 💕 To book your place head over to our facebook page at: Look forward to seeing you! Namaste 🙏
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💥 I AM becoming forward thinking, a voice that’s more than just ‘trending’. To inspire generations to come with joy, hope, and awareness, rather than fear ✨ Thank you Michelle Obama for an intimate evening of whole hearted conversations, and an incredibly thoughtful client invite by @mjsrinthealfa for the floor seat experience! #BeTheChange #DreamBig #HealthIsHappiness
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When we have a long list of things tasks to tackle, we tend to forget to do the most basic things! So here is a gentle reminder to eat your lunch, drink a glass of water, take a quick break from studying and to take your meds/vitamins before you forget! (We know it's not #WellnessWednesday anymore, but in light of #InstagramDown, we are posting today!) Image description: Heart-patterned, pink background with black cursive text reading "don't forget to..." There are four illustrations of a pill container, a plate, a glass of water and a pillow. Text in each of the illustrations read: "take your meds"; "eat"; "drink some water"; and "get some rest". #selfcare #stress #selfkindness #bodykindness #reminder #selfcarematters #mindfulness #wellness #wellbeing #yorku #yorkuniversity #yorkustudy #drinkwater #eat #eatlunch #physique #gymmotivation #bodybuilder
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✨Crew Feature✨ Monique is passionate about holistic health and nourishing the body’s ability to restore optimal function and movement through specialised treatment approach. To each treatment, she brings her knowledge and warmth to assist the body in returning to a optimal state. She uses a variety of manual techniques and assessment, to treat acute and chronic conditions, working with elite athletes to the general public. To book an appointment with Monique: 💻 📞1300 813 425
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