As Lunch time draws nigh, my iron wok brims over with mixed greens that cook merrily on the stove top. Back from where I come, woks are an essential part of our kitchens. We call them cheenachatti, the Chinese wok. This particular wok was given to me by my mother 15 years back with very specific instructions to cook my greens in it. I didn't at first; To be fair, back then I didn't cook much and definitely not anything green. But of late, I find joy in rooting through fresh produce, bringing home bunches of colourful leaves and then stir-frying it in my mother's wok. The wok always adds soul to my food. ❤❤❤ #greens #spinach #stirfry #wok #cas#castironing #castiron #instacolor #instafresh #foo#foodography #foodporno #eatyourveggies #eatfresh #eatclean #youarewhatyoueat #wellnesswarrior #hea#healthyfood #vegetarianfood #veganfood #veggiefood #healthyfood #eathealthy #colourpop #sofreshsoclean #nourishyourbody #nutrientdense #delish #instafood #foodprep #food #organic
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S O C I A L SISTA...💖 . . If there’s one thing I L O V E about social media, it’s the relationships I’ve been able to build both near and far. . And this beautiful lady right here, is one of the many reasons, I’m so appreciative of this sometimes annoying tool! 💁🏾‍♀️ . My #baefitnessfriday post is dedicated to my good and gorgeous friend @lau@laurynewasan 😘 . Consistent, determined, passionate and focused not only on reaching her OWN health and wellness goals, but on walking obediently in her purpose! . @laurynewasan work ethic inspires me and always encourages me to walk confidently in my calling despite the opposition that tends to surround our obedience. . And did I mention she’s a vegan too! So if you need some vegan inspo, Lauryne isn’t short in that area! . Love You Sis 😘😘😘😘 . . . . #happyfriday #wellnessblogger #fitchristian #healthyfood #healthandwellness #healthiswealth #friends #friendship #socialmedia #socialmediafriends #wellnesswarrior #vegan #veganchristian #christianvegan #inspiration #fitspiration #fitspo #ironsharpensiron #worshipleader #fitfam #fitnessfriday
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ROOTING FOR YOU is a phrase synonymous with so many of us. I say it to you guys all the bloody time and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Before falling ill, I loved participating in charity fundraisers and doing whatever I could to help people. Now, I may not ever be in a position to run a marathon, getting into a bath of baked beans sounds like my idea of hell on Earth, and as a woman, getting your legs waxed doesn’t warrant a donation and gasps from men in empathetic admiration - it’s merely life admin ha! But I’d still love to do my bit in any which way I can, and in all honesty I wish I could do SO much more. But for now let’s give this a whirl. This is as simple as can be. Simply click the link @wordsbyh.j.anderson bio or enter ( ) and purchase yourself, or someone else, a cute wee T-shirt, wear your spoonie sisterhood solidarity with pride and (at very least) £1 from each sale will be donated to the wonderful charity ‘Invest in M.E’. The printing process is 100% vegan and worldwide shipping is available. This is a quick, limited edition promotion so grab them while you can over the next fortnight, GO GO GO! This is my first time giving this a try so it may (most likely will) be a complete flop. If this is something you’re into, and this works out well using this particular printing company etc, I have lots of other designs I’d love to put out on different tops/sweatshirts, and hopefully raise a good wee bit of money along the way for some brilliant charities. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 Go to to buy yours today 💛
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THE BATHROOM + OUR HEALTH // lotions + potions, make up + #hair care >>> how many products do you use each day? The average adult uses 9, with over 25% of women using over 15 (EWG et al. 2002). ARE THEY CLEAN? . Did you know that many products contain chemicals that are KNOWN carcinogens (cancer-causing), are #xenoestrogenic (act as estrogen), and cause reproductive issues (from fertility issues to developmental issues for baby). . In fact, hormonal disorders like #PCOS and #endometriosis, are linked to the exposure to these chemicals. This is because our #liver will have to work very hard to get rid of these chemicals. In time, paired with the #stress of every day demands, poor food choices, alcohol consumption, antibiotic use, etc., our livers become overburdened - making it harder for these important organs to #det#detox us from everything. . One thing you can do to balance your hormones is to #detoxyourcupboard. From your shampoo to your lipstick, check to see if they contain any of the following ingredients: -Parabens -Formaldehyde -Sodium Lauryl Sulfate -Pthalates -BPA -Fragrance -Parfum -BHA & BHT -Oxybenzone -Mineral Oil …just to name a few . Luckily, there are a lot of brands that have done their research so you don’t have to. I personally love to educate about this topic and find @beautycounter is the best to support this. They’ve come up with a #neverlist that promises to avoid all of the chemicals in their products. There are a lot of other #betterbeauty brands, though - have you made the switch? If so, what are some of your faves? . . . . . If you haven’t made the switch, I’d love to help you. Get in touch 🖤 . . #cle#cleanbeauty #cleanbeauty #holistichealth #functionalmedicine #functionalhealth #functionalnutrition #wel#wellnesswarrior #wellness #crueltyfree #crueltyfreemakeup #torontobeauty #torontobeautycounter #beautycounter #torontonutritionist #detox #liverhealth #skinhealth #guthealth #hormones #hormonalhealth #hormonebalancing
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This was a week full of opportunities and beautiful crystals and I sure snatched up all of the happiness I possibly could. ✨💎 It is so amazing what life lays in front of you when you seek joy and success. ✨🔮✌🏻💕 #trusttheuniverse
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