What step will you take today for your future self? Small steps lead to BIG changes... #health #coach #healthcoach #functionalmedicinecoach #hormonehealth #guthealth #selflove #mindfulnessmatters #wellnessjunkie
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The happiest of Friday’s because this magical box arrived.✨ I am so excited to share with you that I am officially part of the @fou@foursigmatic affiliate program. 😄 If your anything like and already obsessed with these delicious mushroom coffees, superfood elixirs and blends then you know how magical these products are. Either way, I’ve got you! ⚡️ Use code “BOT” at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase. What’s your favourite @foursigmatic product? 🍄 #onshrooms
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I give MYSELF permission... 👏🏼 To love and be loved 👏🏼 To fail 👏🏼 To set up boundaries 👏🏼 To weed things and people out of my life that don’t line up with my values 👏🏼 To work hard; to not give up; to succeed 👏🏼 To laugh...a lot 👏🏼 To say No 👏🏼 To say Yes 👏🏼 To be imperfect 👏🏼 To be seen; even when I’m a mess
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I know it might be a hard call...but tear your eyes away from this perfection 👆👆... for a few seconds... 😜😜 ___ And ask yourself... In what areas do I need to make those very vital lifesaving lifestyle changes? 🙅🙅 Have you identified them? Then what are you waiting for? Don't delay oh... Start today! While you still have time! 💋😘 ___ Alright back to the topic of perfection. This geh is a fine geh, abi?😎😎😎🙈🙈 #reminder #lifestyle #habits #changes #wellness #wellnessjunkie #wellnesscoach #selflove #pretty #innocent #vanity
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|| a m a z o n ? || I’ve had a few people ask me recently if its okay to buy their dōTERRA oils through amazon. We all love Prime right! However, there are some pretty big reasons n o t to purchase your dōTERRA oils through amazon, eBay, Zulily, or any other retailer that you might see them on. And here’s why: ... • there are absolutely no - zero - verified sellers on any of these sites. If you’re not getting your oils directly through dōTERRA you are not getting them through a verified seller, and in fact it is flat-out against dōTERRA policy to sell oils through such a third-party seller • do you know how easy it is to dump out the quality stuff and replace with something lesser, and then pop a new/un-opened cap on the top of the bottle? You can purchase said caps for literally pennies and it’s so simple to replace them that it’s almost scary. I know someone who this happened to • when you purchase dōTERRA through one of these sites you can not return it if it was tampered with, or if there is any issue whatsoever. (For example if someone replaced the “good” oil with something less quality and you had a sensitivity or reaction) • you don’t get to become part of a community! That is a H U G E reason I would recommend staying away from these sellers! When you sign up with someone like me, or any of the other amazing women on Instagram, a conduit to dōTERRA, you get access to a real person! For support and connection, community, education, wellness consults, live classes, access to others using oils in myriad of ways, all of it!! And it’s s o worth it. ... Next time you’re thinking about saving a few dollars by purchasing your oils through amazon, rethink what you’re missing out on and come on over to us! We’ll take good care of you, and then you can rest assured that you will be getting your oils straight from the safe, pure and reliable source: @doterra
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You are your home 💕 #bekindtoyourhome #selflove
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Cassia is one of the oils included in the 48 Hour Flash Sale! 25% off! Interested in learning more? Read below and join my Facebook group (link in my profile). 👆 👌If you like citrus blends, you will love the refreshing twist that Cassia will bring. Add one drop of Cassia oil to your favorite citrus blend for a spicy and uplifting aroma. If you are looking for a great essential oil diffuser recipe using citrus oils and Cassia, combine three drops of 3 drops of Wild Orange essential oil with 2 drops of Cassia oil and diffuse. This diffuser recipe will provide you with warm, uplifting feelings. 👌Because internal use of Cassia oil can help support healthy immune function,* Cassia is a powerful commodity in protecting the body from seasonal threats. To keep your body healthy throughout the year, take one to two drops of Cassia oil in a Veggie Capsule for added immune support when needed.* 👌Relax and unwind from the day with a massage using Cassia oil. Combine one drop of Cassia oil with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut oil and massage into skin for a warming sensation. When applied topically, Cassia oil has the ability to help soothe the body and its aroma can help to uplift the senses. This massage blend is especially beneficial during the winter months due to its warming properties and spicy scent. 👌Looking for something delicious to drink that will also provide internal benefits? Look no further. Combine one to two drops of Cassia oil with Lemon oil in a glass of water for a delicious essential oil infused water that can aid in digestion.* This lemon water and Cassia oil drink is also a perfect way to ward off hunger cravings.* Combined with frequent exercise and healthy eating, this drink can be a tasty option to aid in weight loss.* . Raise your hand 🤚 to learn how to save more during the flash sale!
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