“The client loved the ‘Bella Amore’ monogram you just made. In fact, they are wanting to use it as their logo for the venue.”— we love hearing things like this from our customers! ❤️✨💥 #projectorgram
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Our Custom Gobo Work is second to none! It wan an honor to provide our gobo services for Ambrea & Diamond’s Big day at The Summitt on The Arsenal. #Weddingseason #weddinggobo #weddinglighting #rocketcitybrides #chiefentertainment #liveproduction #weddingproductionpros #gobosource #source4life
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Another busy week is in the books! Shout out to all of our awesome customers, both new and repeat, who keep our small business thriving! ❤️✨ #projectorgram #weeklyrecap
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Summer is here! 🔆🕶 Get 6 🇺🇲 Fourth of July 🇺🇲 themed gobos for the price of 5 on progobo.com
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We’ve retired a few designs from our Artisan category and added several more 🙌 We’ll also be doing the same for our Classic category in the next couple of weeks! #projectorgram
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