Rich vs Wealthy: Is it the same thing or is there a difference between the two? Which one would you rather be? Comment below 👇 and we will discuss it on #FridayVibes with Centonomy Campus Edition #CentonomyCampusEdition #WealthCreation #financialliteracy #financialfreedom
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Good Debt vs Bad Debt - What You Need To Know Clyde Gonsalvez from Yellow Brick Road St. Marys talks about Good Debt vs Bad Debt. If you have any questions regarding your financial needs, contact us for a Complementary Budgeting Session with YBR St. Marys. Call us today on 0434352711 or 96234351 At Yellow Brick Road St Marys, we are your local money mentors. We are dedicated to helping all Australians achieve the financial future they deserve. Get in touch by messaging us or visit our website at #wealthwednesday #financialadvice #ybrstmarys #yourlocalmoneymentor #yellowbrickroad #wealthcreation
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Date the right person - Es. Equity and she will shower unconditional love on you. When it comes to our hard earned money, it hurts more. Isn't it? Start investing in equity mutual funds for your long term goals because Mutual Funds sahi hai. #investright#investing#wealthmanagement#wealthcreation#mutualfundssahihai#mutualfunds#sip#longterminvesting#compounding#startsmallbutstart#investearlytogainmore#cfp#cfpjinkalnsgala#connect#connecttoday#expertadvice#explore
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