wax:one hot easy, thin, smoooooth application  a low, comfortable working temperature  suitable for ALL hair types from thick course male hair, to fine, soft hair.
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Waxing clients please read!!! Due to my wax heater breaking at the weekend I had to buy a new one! So after reading all the reviews & testing it out on myself I decided to invest in a new brand wax:one along with their new innovative double heater. To say this stuff is amazing is an understatement! Most of you that know me know I have extremely sensitive skin, with wax:one I don’t even get any redness let alone a reaction!!! It is a brand new wax & claims to be the best on the market & I agree!!! Some facts about it: - proven to reduce ingrown hairs. - low melting temperature making it more comfortable. - extremely sensitive wax - no redness or irritation. The most common ingredient in wax that causes allergic reactions on rosin & this is rosin free! - applies thinly & smoothly, no dragging. - zero sticky residue after! - removes easy & quickly. It is grapefruit & kiwi scented & smells divine!!! 😍 Plus check out the gorgeous colour of the stuff!!! 💙💙💙 It is the first wax to have this kind of heater which contains a raised chamber heater for a faster wax melt. It really is one of a kind! I have both the strip wax & hot wax & can personally vouch neither of them have given me a reaction & they are amazing!!! Book yourself in for your waxing today & I promise you will feel the difference!!! 😊 #waxing #waxone #hotwax #hotwaxing #stripwax #stripwaxing #warmwax #newbrand #somniumnailsandmassage
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Don't miss out on product launches & offers! Sweet Squared sent out their opt-in email yesterday evening. Please check your inboxes and junk folders for an email from info@sweetsquared.com with the subject line "BREAKING: New Innovation from CND" This email contains a unique link that is specific for YOUR customer account. It contains a super easy tick the box to continue getting S2 emails. You definitely don't want to miss out! 🙌🏼 #moroccantan #waxone #CND #Shellac #nails #beauty #waxing #spraytan
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It’s our Moroccan Tan® and wax:one educator, Helen’s birthday today. Look at these gorgeous flowers that her husband sent to the academy. 💐💐 #waxone #happybirthday🎂 #beautifulflowers @hbw_beauty
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If you’re not sure what intimate wax you want please just talk to us, there’s nothing we haven’t talked about or been asked about before. #waxone #hotwax #painfreewaxing #intimatewaxing #stathan #tathanbeautique
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💙 No Double Dipping 💙 This goes without saying 👌🏻 Double Dipping is when a spatula is repeatedly used in the same pot of wax ❌ This just isn’t hygienic! Double dipping can cause the transfer of dead skin cells, hairs and bodily fluids between clients 😵 This is why I NEVER DOUBLE DIP! This prevents cross contamination and prevents infections 🙌🏻 #waxing #hotwax #hotwaxing #doubledipping #hygenic #salonsaftey #clientsafety #waxone #waxonewax #blushbeautybydeborah #glasgowsalon #beautytherapist
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