This guy - he’s been by my side for 10 years, traveled the world with me and helped me make dreams come true. I love you to the end of the world, babe! Happy Anniversary!! #explore #travel #wanderlust #seetheworld #love #vietnam #hoian #adventure #wandertogether #travelgram #globetrotter #beautiful #traveling
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🗻Our journey is never easy but once we let go of our past that is when we become unstoppable! 💪🏼 . . . #familygetaway #freedomtoroam #wanderlots #wanderlust #wanderoften #wandertogether
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Most of my wardrobe is black because it helps me blend in as a photographer and also matches my soul, but when I get to be out on an adventure, my aura gets a little pop of color and thus so does my wardrobe. (PS I did see a psychic once and she did say my soul was black. I said "at least it goes with everything" 🤷)
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I'm a day late for #wanderingwednesday but how about #travelthursday? Where are all my brides and grooms at that want to travel and play in the mountains?
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Shout out to the kid in red in the back who photobombed our pic and I forgot to Photoshop out. 🤷 Name your favorite waterfall so I have something to Google pics of during my insomnia tonight.
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My current wedding diet includes googling "how to get rid of armpit fat" while eating two slices of pizza. Spoiler alert: that's not how you get rid of armpit fat. 🤷
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