Saw this “word mural” painted on the wall at my hotel’s fitness center as I walked in, and it made me think about the power words can have in our lives 🤔🤔 - 👉Lesson 1: Words have the power to start a fire in your heart, or extinguish that same fire. Be kind and choose your words carefully before saying them 🙏 - 👉Lesson 2: There are 2 sides to every coin… actually…there 3 sides if you count the edge. Learning to see both sides while standing on the edge can give you an entirely new perspective on many things, including life itself. Keep an open mind, but more importantly, keep an open perspective (you’ll see more that way) 👀 - 👉Lesson 3: Not everything you learned in childhood is true, like the saying “Sticks & stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me”. In fact, you should be careful to believe anything just because “some person” told it to you. That’s the difference between seeking advice and seeking education. Seeking advice means, “Tell me what to do.” Seeking education means, “Tell me what to study so I can learn what I need to do.” ⚖️
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Segovia, Spain
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Snowy West Fork is the best fork!❄️ Is anyone missing the cold?☀️ If you’ve hiked this trail, tag the group below that you explored it with! @jenny.brynn #ExploreArizona
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