Dairy is one of the most inflammatory foods and one of the first areas that I explore when working with a client on an autoimmune diet. Yet walking into the non-dairy milk section of the grocery store can be overwhelming! Here are a couple things I recommend keeping in mind when making your selection. First, decide which non-dairy option you want to try. I recommend almond or coconut milk. (Soy in general is so highly processed so I would avoid it, but if you do choose soy make sure to get organic.) Next, select the original unsweetened version. This means no added sugar. And last, check the ingredient list. Select one that doesn’t have carrageenan in it. It’s an emulsifier that is known to cause a lot of digestive upset and suggested to be a carcinogen. These 3 steps should give you a good foundation to start. Have you tried non-dairy milk? If so, what’s your fav and how do you use it?
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This chocolate pudding does not leave you wanting ❤️ I had a pudding for lunch?!? Yes, yes I did 😎 ... counts as my veggies - Blended an avo, cocoa, raw hunny and a bit of coconut cream! #ermagerd #veganfood #wahlsprotocol #antiinflammatorydiet nom nom nom 🤤
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Chicken thigh from a whole chicken I roasted, greens, other veggies #wahlsprotocol
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Basic breakfast today. Veggie sauté, @aidellssausage organic chicken sausage, and @farmhouseculture sauerkraut. 🥦🍗❤️
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Brócoli con mostaza y especias #singluten #freegluten #wahlsprotocol #rea#realfooding #realfood
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$10 dinner bowls and sweet potato chips 😍😍😍 @nu_eppingvic With @jessicanewman2 when shit shouldn't be funny but it is. Give Jess a sip of my kombucha. Jess: oh its good, do ya reckon you could have it with vodka!?! Lmaooo. #sweetpotatochips #nut#nutritionstation #brownrice #chickenandrice #chickenbroccolirice #nutrition
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Today ☀️ I’m scared if I pinch myself hard enough I might wake up, at home in bed, in agony, unable to move from extreme exhaustion and torturous symptoms from head to toe .... in constant fear unable to eat, speak, think.... I can’t believe how far I have come 💙🦋 Thanks Mum, both deserving of a break together 💙
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