Leashes are our favorite toys 🐶💙🐶 • • • • Via @vizslas_dukey_and_logan_time Follow me @vizsladog_love
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Sometimes I wonder if I just enjoy inviting difficulty in my life. Why set the alarm early? Why race out of the heated apartment to struggle through hours of highway, hike up a mountain, through a stream, over snow, and through armies of bugs, only to get home to dirty laundry, piles of ignored to-do lists, an empty fridge, and unanswered brunch invites? I swear I'll get more sleep, I'll edit photos faster, I'll stop taking on more projects, I'll take a day to enjoy my apartment, I'll see my friends and then the alarm clock rings, and I put on my boots again... Via @mywhiskeygirl Follow me @vizslahappyplace
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Headrest, driver, financier, masseuse, chef, entertainer and even on-call treat dispenser ➡️ It's taken alot of patience and time, but nothing is more rewarding than a fully trained hooman. Via @mywhiskeygirl Follow me @vizsla_love4you
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Leashes are our favorite toys 🐶💙🐶 • • • • Via @vizslas_dukey_and_logan_time Follow me @vizsla_smiling
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Another picture from earlier of my sweet boy 😍 Via @bronsonvizsla Follow me @vizsla_love4you
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Early morning stroll 🐶 Via @vizsla_jax Follow me @vizsladog_love
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