View from the ‘Bridge of Sighs’ that connects the interrogation rooms in the Doges palace to the New Prison. The romantic idea (courtesy of Byron) was that prisoners would sigh at their last view of the beautiful city. That being as it may, the days of the inquisition and summary executions had passed by the time the bridge was built in 1600 and the cells by this time mostly housed small time criminals. #bri#bridgeofsighsce #venice #bridgeofsighs #dogespalace #viewsofvenice
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Views of Venice from windows in the Ca’ Rezzonico interspersed with paintings hanging inside the palazzo. #carezzonico #venice #palazzorezzonico #viewsofvenice #canaletto #pittoreveneto #ippolitocaffi #emmaciardi
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View of Venice! Dreaming of Italy this week 🌙☁️✨
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Giudecca. One of the most beautiful and romantic in Venice (yes, sometimes we like to be cheesy too!). Catch line n. 2 from Zattere and get off at any of the stops in the island, wander the alleys and get lost in this amazing panoramic view! 📸✨ Tip: eat some seafood pasta at Bar Palanca. Homemade... simple, in other words delicious! 😋🍝🥂❤️
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Casually waiting for my #watertaxi Or should I take the bike? Hmm choices! #venicelido #viewsofvenice #holidaymemories #italytrip
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