Oque foi isso ? Hehehe segura mais uma dessa seção 🛹🇫🇷🇧🇷 representando em .#videomaker
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If you’re more worried about your competition than your own self-awareness, you’re stunting your growth and your focus is misplaced. + ‪#OneMinuteWeekly‬ ‪#54‬ with ‪@Rob_Cressy‬ of ‪@BaconSports‬ 🥓 a sports content and social media marketing agency that helps brands engage sports fans. + 🏟️We ALL compare ourselves to others and it’s easy to get stuck with concern over things we can’t control. + Rob is a big proponent of self-awareness: + 1 - 🏀GOAL SETTING - Rob looks at what he wants to accomplish and 10x’s it. That way he’s always reaching higher. He originally wanted to make $1M so he 10x’d it to $10,000,0001. + 2 - 🏈HIS WHY - Rob’s dream was to work in sports. When he started BS his mission was to help people achieve their dreams through a love of sports. He figured he could find meaning not only working in sports but showing others how he did it. + 3 - ⚽BEING INTENTIONAL - Time is a non-renewable resource. Growth takes intentional effort with how you spend your time, what you do, and who you spend your time with. Rob asks himself everyday if he is being intentional with his behavior. + HOW DO YOU FACILITATE YOUR OWN SELF-AWARENESS? + Like + Comment w/ your answer! ⬇ + ✅ Follow me for lessons, stories, & ideas from inspirational ‪#founders‬ each week. +
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