Fire & Feedback #videoart Currently looking at some machine learning and using this video as the training data / source video. Got some cool output so far, the algorithm really likes high contrast input images. #machinelearning #pix2pix
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Lil clip from Yesterday night with the kids having fun at playland #playland#awesomeness#coolkids #coolerdad #funtimes😎 #familyfuntime #gottalovethem #videoart
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Meant to attatch this video with my last post but completely forgot, sorry about the double post but better now than never. Here is my setup after the show was over. Again, I'm grateful for all the unbelievable comments I get from you all, it truly helps in pushing my limits and breaking my boundaries as an artist. . The number one question I always get asked is how long a piece takes me to complete. I use mostly pen & ink/copic markers on Bristol paper, and on average, an 11 x 14 inch can take me anywhere from 8-15 hours to complete. The gold framed painting in this video ("Eye Candy") holds the record for the longest completion time. Which is roughly about 150 hours. . . I started making art seriously just 4 years ago. I'm only getting better and I'll never stop creating... I'm excited to see how far this will take me.
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