Your state of mind plays a big role in how you feel. So, the next time you feel sleepy, go do something. The next time you don’t feel like doing something, do it!
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Today we stop to pause and honor those who were prisoners of war and those who are missing in action, as well as their families. You are not forgotten.
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Okay people, do you ever find the perfect accessory that makes you feel like you can walk the runway?! I have recently scored lately, and I think it’s just too good to keep all to myself 😍 You probably already know by the photo, but I mean, would you just LOOK at those red heels! 👠 I don’t think you’ll believe where I snagged them!! Here are the details… Head on over to @forever21, because you’re going to be able to grab these babies for under $30… #noway Yes!! If you are not already running to scoop them up, let me tell you, they are SO comfortable. The perfect way to add that pop of color you’ve been looking for in your wardrobe. And, with the holidays right around the corner you can’t go wrong 😉 xo, Christina
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1Mission Nutritions sole purpose is to give back to our deployed men and women. But we wanted to do this while still bringing you the highest quality supplements on the market!! All 1Mission Nutrition products are produced in a state of the art cGMP certified facility that boasts more than 150,000 square feet, with one of the most technologically advanced labs in the world. EVERYTHING—from research and development…to manufacturing and shipping—is closely controlled in 3 critical phases to ensure the safest, most effective products for our customers. Thank you for supporting our mission!! . . . . . #RememberEveryoneDeployed #SupportMilitaryMuscle #MilitaryFitness #MilitaryMonday #UntilTheyAllComeHome #OEF #Deployed #Hooah #ParaTrooper #ArmyFresh #MilitaryFreshFitness #CombatVeteran #WarFighter #MilitaryLove #SupportTheTroops #VeteranUSA #SupportOurVeterans #ThankYouForYourService #AmericanHero #Deployment #DeploymentSucks #DeploymentStrong #Oorah #USArmySoldier #USArmyVeteran #USMilitary #MilitaryFreshNetwork
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Meet Project Sanctuary Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Crystal Wilson and her family! We all know we should make time for self-care but actually doing so can be a challenge. Crystal recently shared her story about prioritizing self-care and some of her favorite ways to reconnect with herself over on our blog. Head to our website to read up!
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We are NOT “ugly” 😂😂😂
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