Here's the thing everyone. I'm not here trying to sell you guys some bullshit, I'm here to help you attain your goals and also help a good cause. Here, we have @redcon1 for our products, supplying us with meal replacement shakes, protein bars, BCAA's, and our July 4th themed shirt with the @projectliftordie logo embedded on our Nation's Flag. The history for the monthly boxes can go into great depth, but here is the bottom line. It's a care package. For y'all who have never deployed, eating an MRE isn't the most enjoyable meal, but it's something. When Aaron was deployed, his girlfriend sent him packages of supplements so he can focus on his workout with the very little low downtime he had while in the Middle East. It is the same idea. Hey good stuff, live better, become stronger. Who doesn't like when people are looking out for you. Seriously, it's #veteranowned, great products, and you'll feel so much better than before. The choice is yours. #projectliftordie #redcon1 #gains
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